"I want to congratulate all the men out there who are working diligently to be good fathers whether they are stepfathers, or biological fathers or just spiritual fathers" - T. D. Jakes

So father's day is around the corner and even though buying a gift for a male can be easy, it can also be hard at the same time when you're buying for a man that has it all or perhaps who is a little indecisive. So I have pulled all my mighty style powers and pulled together a special gift guide. Some of you must be thinking, why should you spend so much money on one day when we should appreciate them everyday, right? 

Well, yes that is true but if we are honest with ourselves, how often do we really take the time to really spoil the man in your life by getting himself he would cherish and appreciate. There is something special about day's like father's or mother's day that reminds us of the things they sacrificed for our happiness. It's days like these that we owe to them to say, 'Hey dad, thank you and I love you'. It's also important to remember that not all our dads are our biological dads or not all our dads are physically around but I believe we can still extend our appreciation to the dad's that are in our lives - whether that is your brother who is a dad, your uncle who plays the role of a dad to you or your grandad, your friend or even your spiritual dad you might have. It's these figures that we applaud for all the hard work they do and carrying out the true colours of what God placed them on this earth to do, love, protect, strengthen etc. Whatever your dad has done in your life, I truly believe that it is our responsibility to make them feel special and say thank you.

From left to right: Gucci Leather bracelet with horsebit // D.R. Harris, Arlington Shaving Kit // Missoni, socks // Notonthehighstreet, Fine Cotton Bath robe // Michael Kors, MK5735 Bradshaw watch // Saint Laurent, Croc embossed card holder // Dior Homme Intense Eau De Parfum // Givenchy, Rubber slide sandals // Cartier Chevron Money Clip


From my own personal experience (and by generalising) men like gifts that they can use and keep. I have tried to encapsulate the essence of sentiment by putting together a guide that they can either use continuously for a long time or even for a short period of time. I believe in buying a good investment gift for day's like this because they last for long and they hold a special meaning, from you to him. 

Wishing all the father's out there - the happiest of father's day and thank you for all that you do! x