This was my first time in Greece, I must say this trip was a bit last minute. We were really debating between Italy and Greece and we then fell for Greece and I am so glad we chose Greece. It was such an amazing holiday. So far the best to date. I’ve written most of what we experienced on the trip to give you an idea of what you should do and enjoy :)


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We stayed at Andronis Arcadia which is situated in Santorini. This resort has other locations which focus on different aspect. The resort we stayed at had both hotel rooms and villas. We stayed in 2-bed villa and the service was absolutely impeccable. Our villa, had two en-suite bathrooms, two lounges, 3 plasma tv’s, a private pool and dining room.The second bedroom was downstairs with the lounge and bathroom - so it was spacious. The concierge basically organised our life as we were clueless. For the first time we hadn’t researched much on what to do but they booked, organised and guided us through our entire vacation - they even managed to get us reservations at booked out restaurants in Mykonos.

I loved this resort for so many specific reasons. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy romance, family time or a much-needed city break then this is the perfect place. I love that we were a two minute walk away from Oìa town, where you’ll find loads of restaurants, shops, pharmacy - basically anything and everything. The most amazing thing is thing was were also close to the port, so if you take a boat you’re a five minute drive away. Also the view from the resort was amazing, as you can see the sea but the sunsets are also incredible from your room. The food in the resort was really healthy yet extremely yummy! Especially the breakfast, but there are also three restaurants on the resort, one being a sushi bar; one Greek cuisine and one Mediterranean inspired cuisine restaurant.

The other great this is that this hotel is fairly new, almost two months new - so you can expect a very clean hotel and well looked after resort facilities. There is a gym, a spa - which I loved, because I managed to sneak in a steam room session on my last day at the hotel. The spa treatments were great, especially for detoxifying and de-stressing. They also offer yoga sessions as well for couples or singles. As you can see, there is a lot that this resort offers. I would definitely stay there again.

Another recommendation is to stay Andronis Concept Wellness Resort which is the sister resort to Andronis Arcadia - almost ten minute driving distance between the two. This resort is more focused on wellness and a real detoxed / de-stress holiday location. However, still a really great hotel.

If you are with your friends or partner and prefer something more ‘Santorini’ vibes and budget friendly with still a bit of luxe then the Oia Santo Maris Luxury Suites and Spa or Canvas Suites are great options. I have seen some other bloggers stay there, but also it is more of a youthful environment as you’ll be located right in the town where you’ll have almost everything at the reach of your hand. I did see these hotels in the town and it was a pretty good location.

We booked via and received a discount so if you want to book the Use my referral code KAMO15 for to receive great deals x



WOW, so we did A LOT on our holiday. I think we only really had one day off to rest because there was so much we wanted to do. So I’m going to list some things below and hopefully you manage to do some of these things or all of these things.

Wine Tasting - This wine tasting was organised by Santorini Winetopia. And it was definitely by far the best wine tasting experience / tour I have ever done. Honestly. We went to three different wine farms, while we tried a selection of different wines. At each wine location we did different tasting. The first location was more about the traditional / cultural greek wine tasting with some cheese and crackers, with a tasting of white to red to dessert wine. The second location was a vertical wine tasting experience (first time doing a vertical tasting) - this was in a more modern and contemporary location (loved the location and cheese board). The last location was more authentically greek heritage however, soooo beautiful and we did a wine pairing with amazing greek cuisine (the octopus was amazing) plus you can also get a facial! Lol - more explained on the tour.

Cooking Class - So this was an experience I really wanted to do. One thing about me is that I love to cook for people I love, so I wanted to incorporate some greek dishes into my recipe book but it’s also great chilled way to enjoy your day in Greece. This experience was done outside beautifully located at the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort.

Yacht / Boat Sunset Tour - This experience was booked directly through our hotel. But you HAVE TO do this. We sailed off at around 3pm and went around Santorini and different Islands. It was incredibly beautiful. BUT if you love snorkelling then it is a MUST! The water was soooo blue and clear and there aren’t any harmful sea animals in the water so you can swim freely. There was also the opportunity to swim in one of the caves, which I never did but I will definitely do it next time. It was actually my first time snorkelling but because I was ill I didn’t snorkel for long, but the water was warm so I enjoyed the little time that I did snorkel. I highly recommend doing a sailing day on a boat or yacht because to end it off with the sunset was beyond perfection.

Market Shopping - I thought that there were some incredible shops to shop from. Santorini has amazing linen clothing so there were so many cute boutiques filled with cute linen dresses, tops etc. However, if you love jewellery then I would highly recommend you looking into buying some gold / silver rings. They had incredible boutiques with amazing jewellery. The shops were all located in Oìa in the town, so we really enjoyed shopping on our way to dinner. The shops close at 11pm so I would recommend watching the sunset from Oìa, then shop then have dinner - it’s so romantic as well.

Helicopter Transfer - Believe it or not, also my first time on a helicopter. For some reason, every time my family went on one I was never there. So we did a 40 minute transfer from Santorini to Mykonos. It was quick, easy and hassle free. I would recommend it if you want a quick and hassle free transfer, otherwise via plane or boat also works. To be honest, we saw mostly ocean so if you’re looking for incredible views rather do a helicopter tour than transfer. However, if there are other things that interest you more, then I would advise to focus on the other things.



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So honestly, authentic greek food is AMAZING! I love that it is so healthy yet so tasty! So there are soooo many restaurants to try in Santorini but I am going to list only the ones you should definitely try from the ones we ate at.

Lauda - This is a three-star michelin restaurant. The food was really really good. Some of you know that I have not had some great michelin star dining experiences, however, Lauda was really good. I enjoyed every single dish. It was 9 dish course so go on an empty stomach. I did not have lunch but I was still battled to finish but every dish was worth it. We tried the discovery tasting menu - highly recommend. The sunset from the restaurant was also really romantic - wow!

Ammoudi Fish Tavern - If you love seafood then this is a MUST! The seafood is really good - it is situated just by the port in Santorini so if you have a day off or taking a boat in the evening then definitely do lunch there.

Avantis Winery Santorini - We went here when we went on the wine tour but if you just want to do a wine pairing lunch then you have to go here. The food is incredible as well as wines. I lovvvvvved the place, so beautiful but also the octopus dish was THE BEST dish.

So that was basically Santorini in a round up. If you’re visiting Mykonos, don’t forget to look out for that travel guide coming up soon.