So I went to NYC for New York Fashion Week. It was my first time in America and it was also my first time attending New York Fashion Week. So it was a long week of exploring, events and shopping. I definitely feel like one week wasn’t enough in New York. I felt like there was so much and too much to do that I felt like we didn’t do enough and really get to know New York, but I will recommend what the little we did or what I would’ve loved to do.


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We stayed at The Langham Hotel in Manhattan. It was a very great stay purely because the service was great but also the city views from our room were incredible. We stayed on the top floor, 27th floor so the views from the bathroom were absolutely insane. If you love a hotel, with a beautiful contemporary marble bathroom then this is your place.

If you are more into white and grey Parisian inspired interiors then another hotel I would suggest is the The Baccarat Hotel on 53rd street. This one of our options when we went to NYC but we opted for The Langham. I am not so sure about the hotel service itself but the interiors for me do it. WOW!



So much to do in NYC, as you probably all know. Some really cool things to do other than shopping would be to do some touristy things. These are a few of the things we did whilst in New York, I really hope to do more next time.

Central Park - I did not get a chance to go to the park, because it rained on the day we wanted to go but I would highly recommend to take a walk in the park and have a picnic on a sunny day. Gather some friends and enjoy some time off and really enjoy your surroundings, some nature in the city. I think it’s absolutely amazing to have so much nature like that in a city, it’s a great way to feel refreshened from the busy city world.

The MET Museum - Going to a museum is not for everyone but honestly, there are so great exhibitions that happen in the museum during different times. I love love looking at fashion exhibits, they are always fun and interesting to look at. I always learn so much. And how can you not go to the New York and not go to the MET museum where the MET Gala happens?!

Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue these are two places we constantly went to for shopping. If you love luxury fashion then it’s a great place to find all the brands under one roof. It’s a really great place to shop because each floor is dedicated to different clothing categories so if you’re with the bae or family, make sure you go on a full stomach so you can take your time to see all the beautiful pieces they house.



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So we didn’t have a chance to try all the restaurants I wanted to whilst in New York but we went to a few which I loved. The first one we tried was a three-star Michelin restaurant, The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. This restaurant has such a intimate nostalgic charm. It is situated at the back of a charming supermarket. I have been to a few Michelin restaurants but truthfully speaking for the VERY first time I really enjoyed every single dish that I ate. It was a full thirteen course seafood course meal. And believe me when I say every meal was completely amazing including the service.

Some other really great restaurants to go to that are great is Nobu, Catch (for a chilled dressed down dinner or cocktails) or Tao Downtown (great for a vibey dinner or dinner and clubbing). The thing is NYC has so many restaurants including those that are very popular and that are based around the world. So it really depends on what you fancy, so google it up and find what suits you best.

Some really cool coffee places to check out are some places that I found on the internet, I did not get a chance to go but if you are looking for an Instagram-able coffee or cafe, definitely give these places a check out:

When I go back to NYC I hope to do an updated travel guide. But if you do go then have loads of fun!