So we've come round to our annual family vacation and this year we decided to go to Singapore. It's quiet funny because we all had been debating about where we were going to go this year. We always go to very tropical islands, so we decided to try something a little bit better - city and tropics. A really coool place... I must say. When I came back home, I was really blown away by how genuinely friendly, kind and loving people were there. Like extremely friendly... matter of fact. Wow! But besides, the people, the shopping... ohhhkayyyy let me just say... I'm going back (lol!) - definitely. Best shopping, I have ever experienced, purely because the things I had been looking for online or in London for ages, they had in Singapore (Amen, to that!).

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So we decided to stay in Sentosa Island (which I heard it's a man-made island) but it was really lovely. There were quite a lot of resorts in Sentosa but also loads of things to do as well, such as Universal Studios, loads of restaurants, a casino - a mall for watches ( 00. ) - I'll just leave that face there. You catch my drift. We stayed at a resort called Capella Singapore - a hotel / resort, well-known for their excellent service, best spa and lovely places to dine at. The staff were extremely friendly which is what you need when you're on holiday. It was the first holiday, actually first time I HAVE EVER experienced jet lag. I've been to countries with insane hour difference but this was just absolutely insane. We had planned to do so much but, we also fell a bit ill, with flu because of the extreme weather changes and Singapore's indoor aircon - my gosh, believe me when I say their aircon's are damn effective, like its winter indoors! Wow! The Capella staff will tell you how much we ordered in-room dining because of how jet lag we were. But to be honest, the best tip to fight jet lag is get outdoors, do lots and keep hydrated. The spa was probably one of the best spa experience ever! I was very impressed. Their spa facilities were beyond amazing, from a infused steam room, to a cold showers, a tropical rain shower, huge sauna pool, relaxation rooms, the list goes on. A real spa from heaven! The true way to relax... if you're also hoping to do some gyming, no problem - they have a gym and you can get a personal trainer. Everybody wins! Besides their wellness facilities, the resort was absolutely incredible - three beautiful infinity pools, three restaurants, tennis courts, a library just to name a few. For the first time, I felt like the hotel had everything I've ever wanted there. You can tell just how happy I was there.


So there is soo much to do in Singapore. But a must was Universal Studios - I was THE happiest girl there. It was like a childhood dream coming true. It's not just fun for kids but for anyone. The rides were incredible and the whole experience really made me feel like I was in a movie. It was the best thing I have ever experienced to be honest. A definitely one of my highlights of the trip. Another fun activity we did was going to the Night Safari - however, I would suggest doing the day river Safari cause I couldn't really see anything - I saw a lot of animals, but it wasn't as fascinating as I thought it would be. Also, if you want some really cool places to shop, Marina Bay Sands was amongst my favourite shopping malls, the one we actually returned to the most. However, Ion on Orchard was also really lovely. It really depends what you're looking for because they have soooo many options. I'm so grateful that there were three pairs of shoes, I had been searching for months - I finally found in Singapore. So if you're looking for items you can't find in a busy place like London or Dubai then Singapore is probably your best shot.

We also decided to go on a yacht organised by White Label Charters. So water sports in my family, is always a must every holiday. So we went on jet-ski's and flying fish, which I fell off like thousands of times (okay- only twice) but it was loads of fun the water was very warm. It was a really nice yacht but besides that, we managed to do a cruise to see the skyline of Singapore at night (so beautiful - tears!) that was so insane! Best view EVER! Seriously, so romantic as well. The one thing we did miss out on was going on the Luge - which is a like, go-karting in some way. So if you get a chance definitley try those.


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Food in Singapore, is a mix between Malaysian, Indian and Asian cuisines. Quiet fascinating, we completely forgot to try their Chilli Crab (just remembered this now, as I'm typing - damn!) I heard that dish is a real winner. But there are quiet a few restaurants I wanted to try that I never got round to. The first one is Michelin star acclaimed restaurant, Whitegrass. Yes, we all know why I wanted to try this restaurant - say it with me, the 'white decor'!  If you enjoy fine dining and perfected delicacies then this is a big must.

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Another place, I loved that we tried was the Salt grill and Sky Bar. We went in the evening and the view was incredibly beautiful but I heard their afternoon tea is beyond amazing. So you must give this a try during the day for afternoon tea and have dinner for two at night, so lovely. I really felt like a dream, the city is incredibly beautiful and clean - wow! 

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If you like a mix of city and tropics then Singapore is a must. Their food is good, the people are friendly the only thing, is the weather - it is incredibly humid and hot. Hot in a way, that less than 5 mins in the sun can melt your makeup away and frizz up your hair (I'm talking from experience lol!).