So we went to Dubai during Ramadan. Now, there are some highs and lows about this. The great thing is that if you don't enjoy being in big crowds of people then you'll enjoy the peacefulness of doing things in Dubai during this period such as shopping or theme parks etc. However, if you are not partaking in Ramadan, there are a few rules and some things to take into consideration to respect those around you such as eating in public (you can get fined if you do this), always eat indoors where it's allowed; dressing appropriately which just means wear tops that cover your shoulders or boobs in public - the best way around this is to wear dresses or jumpsuits. But other than that, if you're not visiting Dubai during Ramadan you'll still have the best time of your life. Dubai is such a beautiful city. The people, the buildings, the culture - everything. I am very much in love with Dubai and I can actually imagine staying there for a month or two. I am very much intrigued by the culture and way of living in Dubai. This is second holiday I've had in Dubai and just like the last one, I did not want to leave but this holiday was even better. Like London, Dubai has sooo many things to do. Many international resturants that might be familiar to you such as Tasha's (if you're from South Africa) or Coya or Zuma (if you're from London). So let me tell you why I enjoyed Dubai and why you will... 


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Dubai. Dubai, Dubai, Dubai. I must definitely say that the resort we stayed at was definitely the highlight of the entire trip. We stayed at the Bvlgari Resort and Residences Dubai. (This is not sponsored, this is just my honest opinion - you can use my referral code for discount on your next trip) The service, facilities and comfortably of the resort was my absolute favourite and the best I've ever experienced. I have stayed at some really good hotels in the past but this must be my favourite at the moment. So let me lay down the truths and highlights about why this stay. So I loved the uniqueness of hotel, by this I mean how thoughtful the hotel is in trying to make your stay comfortable beyond the hotel basics. In each room, in the villa there were shoe stretchers; lense cleaners; a shoe polish brush; a Bvlgari beach bag (which we could take home), incense burners in the bathroom - for some real relaxation; extra large white towels (white towels is so important for me in a hotel lol!); plastic zip lock bags (I meaaannnnnn, how thoughtful?) amongst many other things. But how can I forget about the walk-in closet, seriously - even your clothes get a home on holiday. For me, these little details are so important because it means the hotel really wants to go beyond making you comfortable by thinking about the little things you might not have even thought of or considered. I mean, even the cleaners were also thoughtful in a sense that they laid out some of makeup for me (which I never expected!) but my foundation had spilled everywhere in my makeup bag, so I was in a rush so I was going to clean it all up when I had returned but when I got home, they had wiped my foundation bottle, and laid it on a clean towel. Usually, they clean around your mess. Lol, but not here! I also really loved the SPA!! OMG, if you saw on my Instagram you would've seen how beautiful the spa was. The gym was also really great; usually the gyms in hotels lack in gym equipment, but this gym had everything from resistant bands to protein shakes and different sessions available like boxing, yoga, HIIT sessions etc. Very impressed. The only downfall about this hotel was the food at the Yacht Clvb, we had dinner on the last night at there and I will say none of us really enjoyed our meals. It is a seafood based menu but I think we expected more  - we actually left that restaurant to go to the main Italian restaurant they have on the resort, to have desert and my brother had another meal because he wasn't full from the previous restaurant. So that was the only disappointing thing about the entire stay. Otherwise, everyone was extremely helpful and lovely. EVERYONE! It was an incredible stay. I would definitely recommend all my friends to visit.



Wow, there is so much to do in Dubai. Wow wow. From Desert Safari to Top restaurants to waterpark etc - it all depends on what you like. I'm going to tell you some of the things we did and some of the things I would've love to do but we didn't have enough time. I will also have a VLOG up about this trip about all things we did, that will not be mentioned here, so definitely check it out here, but make sure to subscribe so that you don't miss the video. 

The first place I didn't get to go to was The Roxy Cinema because I ran out of time. However, if you love movies like me then you'll enjoy this retro with 'cutting-edge audio technology'. I just love this! So this cinema is situated in Box Park which is a cool concept eclectic shopping lifestyle centre with loads stores and restaurants. There is a Box Park in East of London too which is quiet cool but there isn't a cinema quiet like this one. So I definitely recommend this place.

I am a bit upset that I couldn't go to the VR Park. So when I studied Creative Direction, I learnt how to have a great appreciation for visual reality because we studied the innovation behind it, so I definitely will say that if you are into innovation and advanced technology then you will definitely love the VR Park. The great thing about this park is that it is situated in the The Dubai Mall, so if you are having a shopping day then you can also pop into the VR Park with your family. 

So I'm sure you've seen this place on Instagram, The Dubai Miracle Garden. So funny story, we went here but it was closed. So the Dubai Miracle Garden is closed 6 months at a time for renovations and maintenance. We just missed it before they closed, so just make sure you check if they open before you travel. I would highly recommend visiting if you enjoy installations and a beautiful day out in the sun with nature. Also, if you don't enjoy either, it is such an 'Instagram' worthy place to take pictures with friends and family. It's so beautiful (from what I see from pictures) and can only imagine how beautiful it must be in person. 



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So usually when I travel, I write a list of places to eat. However, for this trip I was quiet familiar with a lot restaurants Dubai has which are located in London or SA too. However, there is one restaurant I went to with a friend, who has now moved to Dubai. I really enjoyed the food, the vibe, music and drinks at La Cantine du Faubourg. This restaurant is situated in The Emirates Tower, so it's very central. It was Ramadan when I was in Dubai, so there weren't many people there but even with the amount of people that were there, it seemed like a really great place to be with your girlfriends, doing lunch and dinner or even a date. It has music, almost like a cocktail lounge so you can always plop by the couches and have a drink after. So my friend Tshego and I shared a starter, the Foie Gras, it was soooo delicious! And then we also shared the mains, I had the chicken and mushroom and she had seabass, both were really really good but the Seabass was amazing! So I would definitely recommend this restaurant when you're in Dubai.

Salt bae, almost anyone and everyone knows about him. Situated at Fourseasons, Nusr-EtSo some of you guys might know but I stopped eating red meat for some time, I do eat it once in a while so when I went to Nusr-Et I promised I would try some red meat. It was so worth it because the meat was absolutely amazing! Honestly, I've never had amazing meat like that before. The Rib-Eye start which I tried a piece from my brother was amazing!! I would definitely recommend this restaurant for those who love red meat, you won't be disappointed. 

So if you've stayed in London or been around the world, international restaurants like Coya, Hakkasan, Zuma and Nobu are in Dubai as well. If you've never been to any of these restaurants I would highly recommend these restaurants if you love a good cocktail and contemporary Japenese food, however Coya is Peurvian and Hakkasan is Cantonese. But all these places are some of my favourite places to eat in London because they offer great service and food. 

Lastly, if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime then At.mosphere will be your place. This restaurant is the world's tallest restaurant situated in Burj Khalifa. We indulged in afternoon tea, however what was special about this afternoon tea was that it was a three-course afternoon tea experience. (I know right, what? LOL) Yeah, so they bring a starter, main and then desert which are the cakes, scones etc whilst over-looking an insane skyline view of Dubai. It was the first time I have done afternoon tea this way, so it was a really lovely experience. I hope that if you are in Dubai, please try it out they also have a bar if you just want drinks. It was really great! A must-try on your list. 

Well, so if you've never been to Dubai I would definitely recommend you to add this on your travel list! You will truly create memories of a lifetime!