So most of you all know by now that Johannesburg (We call it, Joburg or Jozi for short) is the place where I grew up and spent most of my child and teenage years. I grew up in the East as a child and spent my middle to teenage years in the North. So Johannesburg to me is home. 

The thing I love about Johannesburg is that there are so many fun things to do. If you love a good night out at the club or just an easy Saturday afternoon at a market then Joburg is a place you would love. Our people are friendly fun-filled, bold and inviting. All the stories you have heard about Johannesburg being dangerous is just as true as every city in the world being dangerous in some areas. My only tip to safety is, don’t go places where no-one goes or you don’t know (like Hilbrow or deep Johannesburg CBD areas), keep an eye on your belongings, be cautious of your surroundings but most importantly have fun and DO NOT leave your phone behind ahaha - you will not get it back! Generally Johannesburg is pretty safe in some areas during the day. 


Shot by: Elijah, 72 Photography

I recently went to Hoëveld House with my best friend and I was so impressed with the interiors of actual boutique hotel. You know when they say pictures don’t do justice - well yeah, you will never truly understand how comfortable, beautiful and well taken care of Hoëveld House is until you’ve been yourself. If you are visiting Johannesburg and prefer a central place to stay and feels more homely and comfortable than a hotel then Hoeveld House is the perfect place. Whether you are visiting with friends, family or coming alone - you will always feel at home. All rooms are decorated differently so you have a selection to choose from uniquely four en-suite decorated rooms. For all of you who know me will know that I love - white, so my favourite room was definitely this room, the white room. 


Lion Park, Gauteng

Lion Park, Gauteng

So ALL my friends will tell you, I like fun but I like the relaxed type of fun if that makes sense. I love visiting markets, dress up drinks with the girls in a fancy restaurant or a good old visit to the lion park. So even though I am a girly girl, I am a tomboy at heart and love to get down and dirty. 

So on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll find most of the people in the creative industry on Arts on Main. This is where Neighbourgood’s Market is, a trendy, fun roof top market filled with lots of food, drinks and little independent clothing brands set up from the morning till 3pm in the afternoon. I love it because you have so much fun with your friends and then after there we head to great dane bar for some good jams, dances and more drinks. lol. 

However, if you don’t drink and prefer something more laid back and chilled, Monte Casino’s bird park is a cool place to explore and take kids or go on a date. You can see different types of birds and enjoy a lovely lunch close by. If nature is your thing, then definitely try go to the Lion park, about 30 mins drive from Johannesburg. Lovely place to explore some safari animals, on a game drive and if you’re brave enough touch some lion cubs and cheetahs, or feed the giraffes. There are also some South African fusion restaurants to eat and a huge souvenir/ decor shop to buy from.

On Sunday’s, we head to Fourways Farmers Market. So pretty and a lovely place to have lunch, drinks and chat with friends. There is usually a live band and lots of food, drink and arts & crafts stalls to choose from. 



The Bigmouth, Sandton

The Bigmouth, Sandton

There are a selection of places to eat and foods to try whilst you are in South Africa, yet alone in Joburg. One of my favourite and most frequent visited areas in Joburg is Sandton, Hyde Park and Melrose Arch. Johannesburg’s has soo many shopping malls (almost like 3-4 shopping malls or centres in one suburb - yup, crazy!) so you can visit loads of different malls and centres for different reasons. Sandton has a large selection of places to eat at but I have a few favourites. My recent favourite would be the The Bigmouth in Sandton, Nelson Mandela square, their churro’s are so delicious and I also heard their deep fried oreo's are also a winner. But other than that, there is a multi-cultural menu to choose from, such as sushi, american burgers, mexican mini tacos to a good tuna steak and avocado salad. Plus, their marble tables are the perfect tables for a food-fie photo’s! Another favourite just across from that restaurant is Tasha’s the Flamingo room, which is a luxe section of the Tasha’s restaurant. If you have ever heard of or been to Sketch in London, the pink designed interiors remind me of Sketch. It’s great for a yummy pasta, or carpaccio or salads or light bites. Tasha’s menus always have a great selection of delicious healthy foods. 

If you're cake eater and love contemporary fusion asian sushi then JB'S Corner, also in Sandton City has the BEST big slices of cake and great food too. I love having a slice of cake to share and a green tea. 

Marion on Nicol, always been my favourite since the first day I visited. Perfect for fine-dining in a lovely and european inspired decor. The menu has superb hearty meals such as risotto, to a really yummy mushroom chicken breast on a bed of mash potato (doesn’t sound great, but it’s one of my favourites) all served and presented at 5 star standards. 

Kong, in cedar square. I love asian food so this my favourite contemporary asian restaurant in Johannesburg. If you like perking duck with pancakes, roasted duck in plum sauce, dim sum, sushi or rice and noodle dishes then this will be your place. However, Orient is also the best for contemporary asian food situated in Melrose Arch. The decor is very cool - love it!

Lastly, Marble restaurant, a new luxury restaurant in Rosebank is the latest spot for afternoon cocktails, experimental fine-dining food secluded in a beautifully decorated space on the roof - what is better than that?

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