December/January 2014 

by Kamogelo Mafokwane



I must definitely start off by saying that I had the most amazing time in Maldives and I was so blessed to have gone. Looking back now, I think of how much I really did enjoy being in a new culture and atmosphere for just under a week. It’s so easy not to appreciate the things around you when you are in the moment, but honestly… I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I mean waking up and having breakfast on the pure white beach is pretty amazing. However, I must say that my favourite thing from the whole trip was being able to experience the culture when we went to the local island, Dharavandhoo that is tiny. Imagine living in an Island with a population of less than 400 people. Living simply? Definitely and it’s genuinely amazing! 


On New Years Eve we had an unforgettable dinner celebration on the beach, which later led to flying lanterns, champagne, fireworks and dancing all night! There was so much that made the night unforgettable. Beautiful evening!

I would truly advise people to visit Kihaaddhufaru Island, specifically Kihaad Resort. The workers there were so lovely and they had a five star spa to top it off! What could be better?