There is something really cozy about white decor furnishing and calm endless ocean views. There is also so humbly calm about this villa... Illandudno Rock, one of Cape Luxury Residence's hidden four bedroom gem. I think for me it was really about the comfort and modern interiors and who can forget the ocean view. There are actually so many things to love about this villa other than the villa itself...

I think the amazing thing about staying in a home on holiday is that it sort of feels like that 'home-away-from-home' cozy but even better you can really enjoy the benefit of space. The only thing that sometimes is a bit of a Debbie downer is the fact that we have to prepare our own food but not with this villa.. because it comes with a chef and butler. Who said living luxuriously wasn't easy? 

If you're looking for a way to incorporate some this comfy modern style in your own home or studio... why not warm it up with a lovely fluffy rug, peaceful prints and some grey and neutral soft furnishing? ... It's so easy to warm up a modern home without making it feel cold. It's all about the furnishing...

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For more info on this property visit the website (here).


Style Tip: Wooden floors are a great way to incorporate texture and colour in your home and play around with them. Play around with neutrals textures to add an extra modern yet comfy touch to your home. By adding prints, art and different soft furnishing within the same colour palette creates a sense peace and serenity to your home. If you're looking some really cool prints desenio has some really cool high quality prints. Black and white, abstract photography frames always and beautiful lighting fixtures are a good way to make a bold statement.