Lately, I've been at home and I've been re-thinking of redecorating my London apartment. I mean on its own it's such a charm but a little bit of my style influence wouldn't do any harm - plus I feel that a real decorated space leaves room for inspiration.

So this beauty called, TYERS MANSION is located in Cape Town, Newlands is an absolute charm. I love minimal design but what caught my eye with this property is the attention to detail in decor. I love a goo-ol' black and white decor design with a pop of colour, so this made my heart warm. 

If you're looking for a lovely luxury 5 bedroom villa (which accommodates up to 10 people) that has a stylish homely atmosphere then this is your place. It is a fully equipped property, with all your appliances from laundry and air-conditioning yet has traditional charm by having a borehole on the property. 

So I love the mix of style influences incorporated into the house - from Argentinian and french freestanding cupboards to african and oriental decor prints and sculptures is what makes this villa special and unique. If you're a group of friends or family looking for a calm, refreshed luxury traditional homely atmosphere for the holiday then Tyers Mansion is perfect.

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For more info on this property visit the website (here).

Style Tip: Mixing of blue tones with neutral tones will enhance the colour of dark floors and add a unique touch. Using natural tones is an easy way to keep a consistent calm atmosphere throughout the space. Add a large abstract artwork for that extra glamour.