This is our first blog post on this new segment and I am so excited to be apart of it and share with you some my favourite Interior Design inspiration around the world. The thing I love about fashion and interior decorating is that they go hand-in-hand. So many designer's around the world have extended their brand into home decor such Hérmes, Versace, Fendi or high-street brands such as H&M. I feel that fashion is a lifestyle and the skill of styling can be translated into other lifestyle aspects such as your home. 

So I have recently partnered up with Cape Luxury Residences to start off this new aspect of my blog and I am so excited. I stayed in one of Cape Luxury Residences villa last year October 2016, and I was blown away by how stunning our villa, especially the interior decor part. Plus, the amazing and welcoming service made our stay a thousand times better. I love to work with brands and services that inspire me and that I have used or experienced before so that I am able to share these experiences on a personal level with you. So if ever you love one of the villa's I've posted or any other of the villas on Cape Luxury Residences website, be sure to use my referral code: WILLKATESTAY when booking with them. 

My mother has always loved interior decorating as a hobby, but soon her passion led her off into decorating people's homes and she did a fantastic job! Whilst learning techniques from her, studying books and reading loads of decor magazines, I knew I always loved decor and wanted to translate my styling into home and lifestyle - so here we begin! Many of you who follow me, always commend me on finding some cute homeware items for your home or as gifts. So if you have no clue where to start or how to start interior decorating your own home and don't want a hired interior decorator then I am here. Or perhaps, you're going on holiday and have NO IDEA where to stay but you love some luxury then I am also here. This is your home, to get comfortable and experience decor at your fingertips. 

I hope you all enjoy this segment and please don't be afraid to drop me a comment below to let me know your thoughts, questions or ideas on this segment. I am so eager to here from you. 

- Lots of Love, K xoxo


So this first property is a Boutique hotel situated in Constantia, Cape Town, called The Alphen (here). I am in absolute love with their interiors - mainly because of the neutral tones with a pop of colour. Their bedrooms / suites is what pulled me closer to them, so very modern Parisienne inspired with the ceilings, white wall, gold accents and pop of colour. I am so in love and this could easily be incorporated into any home or bedroom. The top things you need to achieve this style: A beautiful chandelier, Velvet Chair and matching accent cushions, Gold Mirror, Gold-Framed Art, A Stunning lamp, Geometrical Printed Monochromatic Carpet, Metallic side tables and side lamps. Voila! This is how...