Location: London 

photographer: Brian Kyalo

Hello fashion friends - So it's now London Fashion Week, is over. I thought I would share my experience with you and give you the low down of what happened at fashion week. So for those, of you who might not know, I am currently in my final year of completing my Creative Direction for Fashion degree, so you can just imagine the amount of stress I go through weekly, plus handling the blog on the side. 

However, with that being said, it was such an amazing break to get a chance to do what I love and attend fashion week. The last time I attended fashion week, was when I used to do trend forecasting for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in South Africa, which was quiet some time ago, due to my travels and studying. I must say, it was like recap of what fashion week is like and how crazy it can get but so fun at the same time. 

So if you have been to fashion week before, you'll know everything happens in rush. You arrive to the reception, have a drink (whilst waiting for the doors to open), you see the celebrities arriving to get there picture taken , then the doors open to the amazing venue, everyone finds their seat then the show begins and before you know it the show is over. However, it's definitely a moment you want to keep forever especially if you are sitting next an inspirational blogger like, Soraya Bakhtiar or opposite model, Erin O'Connor or Jourdan Dunn, even better sitting in the same room as Anna Wintour - catch my drift?

I must say I was a bit skeptical about attending the Topshop show in the beginning but I was actually really excited about it in the end. I loved the show so much mostly because I felt the collection was extremely wearable and diverse. I think when a collection can incorporate diverse wearable styles into one collection, it's bound to be a success because many people can identify themselves with a few or even one item they would wear.

So the #TopshopUnqiue Autumn/ Winter 2016 show was all about, the woman who sees the world as a stage.

"She has the role that everybody wants - a rebel in a rush, she excites mannish cuts with racy femininity" - Topshop

The collection really captured the true essence of British style. I felt like it was a really wearable yet bold with contrasting styles incorporated into one collection. So I'm going to show you all my favourites from the show, as I think these for me were closet to my personal style and I definitely think these pieces and outfits. However, you can see some more looks from the show from the TOPSHOP (here) website.

So there were two types of girls in the show - the 'working / classical' girl and the bad-ass-alter-ego girl. They mixed some really girly pieces with some androgynous pieces, like the amazing khaki oversized military fur-collar bombers and printed flowy dress. I must say I loved the way the combined colours like pink and khaki or khaki and mustard yellow (sort of the colours I wore to the show). Plus, I totally told you the sock and heel, wouldn't (totally!) be a thing.

Image: Vogue

Images: Vogue, InDigital

My favs of the show consisted of some really great detailed velvet ensembles; fur coats; cropped knits with exaggerated shoulder detail; amongst many other timeless pieces with a creative twist. The show-stopping pieces for me, was definitely the velvet jumpsuit and the velvet midi dress with side slits - perfect ensembles for dinner or even a casual shopping day!

Images: Vogue, InDigital

There were also quiet a few midnight glamour dresses, long and mini-dresses; skinny long johns and faux furs. The main inspirations of Romy Schneider and Charlotte Rampling, were resembled in this racy black oversize dusty coat and off white shearling.

With all that being said my favourite items on top of that were the shoes - the heels and boots. The combination of clear perspex and leather or velvet. LOVE! All the shoes were absolutely trendy, fashion forward and the ultimate wearable boot or heels.  

Yes - Anyway, that's a wrap from me! Loads of love

K xo.


Image: Vogue, InDigital


shot by: Brian Kyalo

OUTFIT: Full Topshop Look (except bag)



FULL TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE LOOK - Styled by Terri Higgins

Top: Topshop Boutique (here)

Skirt: Topshop Boutique (here) 

Jacket: Topshop Boutique (here)

Shoes: Topshop (here)