Location: London

Photographer: Maria Karpova

LET ME BE HONEST, I felt very nervous about this culotte pants trend. I like my pants tight and pants that hug me in the right areas and (WOAH!) I never expected these pants to do justice. I always thought culottes would look weird on me because of my curves but I think a tailored look can work for anyone - tapered trousers!

I once tried culottes but because I have a curvy body and shorts legs, they made my hips look bigger. I loved the trend but I was trying to find a way for the culottes to meet me halfway! Culottes and I have such a Love-Hate relationship : I love that they look so good on others, but I hated that they looked so weird on me. I think the best thing about the pants, is not only the details but the colour and silhouette did justice for me. The top part of the pants, are a bit bulky because of the belt, so the only way I could even out my body was to wear a tight top. I also wanted to the colour of the pants to shine, and so the white against the mustard-caramel coloured pants were 'on fleeeek!'  (Slap me - if I use this word again!) 

Tapered pants are perfect for the office and the big bonus is that they are comfy!! I replaced the culotte trend with a style similar - tapered pants. So if you're like me and you love a good set of comfy stylish pants, then something like the ones I am wearing will make your smile bigger than a rainbow. 

#STYLETIP: Try your best to make an existing trend your own! Don't wear something that doesn't suit you but rather be inspired the trend to find something similar that suits your body type. Yes? 

Alright loves, That's it from me :)

K - xox



Top: American Apparel (similar here)

Culottes pants: ZARA (old collection) 

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (similar here)

Tailored Coat: Topshop (old collection)