and a little rough around the edges.

Location: Johannesburg

photography: Layla Shaik

Has it been a minute or not? ohoo (Cardi B voice). I missed you guys! I can't believe it is February already guys! WHAT? Insane! Second month into the year and I am better to rock the year like never before. Yes. Anyone else feeling the same? Even better way to explain this outfit, I wanted to try something a lil different, you know. Something, a little sleek yet rough around the edges if you get me? 

Yas girl, I've been a little low key wanting to shoot again but also been a bit busy. However, the loose open blouse look has been one of my favourite looks recently so I wanted to remix it with some ripped jeans for an extra twist. I love the mix of loose jeans and a flowy top with a sleek heel and sleek hair. I feel a bit like a WAG without the athlete of course, but I'm feeling it. Love me, some flowy blouses and high-waisted pants! X