Location: Sandton, South Africa

photography: Phenyo - Worthathovsandwords

One of the best parts of my career is the ability to travel and experience beautiful places. I have always had a love for architecture, interior decorating, design and art & culture. The greatest thing is being able to discover these things in my city or across the world. My way to relax and unwind is being able to come home or go to a comfortable space that is inspirational and feels calm in a rejuvenating way. I love how this place does this...

Metropolis On Park was a really cool place I've been to in a while in Johannesburg. I discovered it through a friend who hosted a champagne party and launch there. It's so calm, peaceful and beautifully decorated. I always find that the places I best find inspiration are places that have loads of space, sunlight and cute decor pieces - Metropolis on Park is a place I find inspiration. I think the atmosphere at this new development is not only calming and beautiful but it is also a great place to stay, meet and eat.

Metropolis On Park, was recently built and has a range of beautifully curated apartments, with stunning interiors and some with incredible views around Sandton. Growing up in South Africa I always thought I wanted to stay in a house with a pool but living in London changed my perception and made me reconsider living in an amazing apartment or penthouse. This 2 level penthouse we visited has a private pool with 3 separate balconies, 3 huge en-suite bedrooms, a study, kitchen, separate washing-up kitchen, lounge, dining room and beyond more. The thing I loved about the entire building itself is the facilities it has, such as a gym, 24/7 security, a reception (for all those delivers you get from online shopping) a restaurant downstairs and a boardroom (so convenient for those who work from home or need a meeting place for colleagues), plus it's centrally situated. The great convenience about living in apartment in a central area is the multiple of shops close by so it make's life so hassle free. 

I always get asked about places to go to, well Metropolis on Park is one of the places I love for a simple catch up lunch with a friend; a place to catch up on some work; a quick lunch stop; to invest in an apartment or to stay by renting. There are options beyond the ocean. So if you haven't given it a try - please do, you'll love it!  

For more info visit: Metropolis On Park (here)

- K xoxo