jeans you'll live in.

Le't get 'straight' to the point.

Location: London

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

So many of you have been asking me about my jeans where I get them, so I thought it's only right to do a blog post on it showing you some of my jeans at the moment, that love curves! Right now, straight, vintage, boyfriend jeans are in. I am obsessed with a cute straight cut jeans, with heels and a shirt and belt. I'm currently really into vintage looking jeans, just love the fit and how cute they look on with different items. 

So I found a few of my fav straight cut jeans that I'm loving right now. Some these jeans I have. Generally, if you have curves, the best jeans to wear are jeans that are fitted or straight fitted jeans to elongate your legs. I love jeans that are high-waisted because it creates a cute feminine silhouette but it also proportions your body really well. What I tend to do when I buy jeans... if they are a skinny jean with a stretch I usually wear 1-2 sizes smaller for a real fitted look. I love skinny jeans to look tight. lol. But also jeans tend to stretch a bit so you want something that still fits after loads of washes. If the fabric is a bit more tough, like in the straight cut jeans, I usually wear a size up because these jeans tend to shrink a bit after a few washes. With the straight cut I would also advise to wear them slightly loose with a fitted belt for a different effect, but that's just me.

Also, right now is the perfect time to look for jeans because there are loads of sales. I've linked a whole bunch of my fav jeans right now, and some of them that are in my closet right now and I'm loving!  I've also linked a range of different prices, because some jeans are good quality at a low price and you could get just as much wear in them, then I've linked investment jeans because these jeans will never leave your closet. Let me know how you get on.

Happy Jean shopping ! :) 


K x