Home Bound

staying in and not feeling guilty about it!

Location: London

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

If there is one thing I don't feel bad about is staying home. Am I the only one? I am such a home body, if I go an entire week without a time-out I feel so overwhelmed. I believe it so important to recuperate your soul and mind so you're ready to take on anything! 

For me staying home is a beautiful and peaceful experience yet don't get me wrong I love adventure too. I tend to try give everything I do my best and that's why it takes me long to make a decision because I always think about the odds and rights with EVERY decision I make. It kind of seems like I live a cautious life at times, but I guess having a sense of peace and control makes you feel at ease. On weekends, I really enjoy having friends over or watching the entire netflix archive, looking through magazines and reading books. This is how I love to recuperate, my weeks are so busy and productive that every weekend is essential for me. The best thing about staying home is being able to be comfortable in your pj's. Bluebella has this new jumpsuit pyjama which literally makes me so happy because it is the perfect loungwear / sleepwear situation for a long day at home. It's even appropriate for a quick pop into the stores without anyone noticing that you're wearing pyjama's. I love pyjama shopping, if you saw how many of them I own you'd probably be completely shocked. UK Lingerie makes it so easy to do pyjama shopping because they have all the luxurious brands I love on one site.  For me... it's a dream come true. 

How do you spend your day at home recuperating? I would love to know. 



Jumpsuit Pyjama: Bluebella from UK Lingerie