The Gift of Home

Festive Season: the gift of home.

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Nougat - Bath Oil - Mini Bowl - Towel - Ceramic Diffuser

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Soap Dish - Marble Tray - Mini Bowl - Ceramic Diffuser - Cowshed Cracker - Bath Oils

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Gourmet Popcorn - Marble Shelf - Soap Dish

So many of my friends have achieved such amazing things this year and lots of them will be enjoying their new year or festive season in their new home. The festive season is the perfect time to gift friends with homeware and self-care products. I have always loved buying gifts that are sentimental but also you can also get away with gifting some cute looking gifts for the festive season purely because of the packaging - such as the gourmet popcorn.

I love soap dishes, I tend to always buy myself these soap dishes and mini bowls all the time - they make the perfect jewellery holder accessory in the bedroom, closet and anywhere really. I love that gifts like trays as well, can be used in the kitchen but also in the bedroom or bathroom for fragrances, candles - anything really. Gifting hosts with homeware is the perfect gift because they can keep the gift forever but also marble goes with any and everything so you don’t really have to worry about not buying a gift that doesn’t suit anyone’s style.

The art of gifting during the festive season is about having fun with it but also sentimental gifts make the best and treasured festive season gifts. The great thing is that anyone can fall in love with homeware accessories and decor, so what better way than to gift the gift of home.



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