Feminine Casuals!

Location: London

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

I always feel like Autumn is a slightly strange season because it is not hot enough for short-sleeve tops only but it isn't cold enough for jumpers, coats, scarves etc. So since January, I've only ever had less than a month of experiencing hot sunny weather when I was in Singapore and I've pretty much lived in this awkward warm / cold weather whilst travelling. The one thing I love about lace and denim is that these items are multi-seasonal items. 

Can you believe I wore this dress over 1 year and couple of months ago on my graduation? A lot of you will remember that this was my first self-portrait item I owned in my closet, and because I wore it to an important event / time in my life I decided I wanted to re-style it in a different way that doesn't make it that one occasional item that you only have ever worn it once. So I threw on a leather jacket, some flats and sunnies for a perfect autumn day lunch look? I love mixing textures purely because this is something I used to do a lot when I did art in High-school. I love the idea of mixing, tones, textures and silhouettes to get the most out of an outfit and with styling I get to do a lot of this. 

If you attending a garden party, a baby shower, during the day event or even lunch - white denim and lace is such a cute causal look to play around with. The texture combination is a perfect combo of hard and soft femininity. Denim is always a great texture to soften a very feminine look down. I do this all the time because it's different, fun and comfortable - a look you definitely have to give a try!