Black & White Stripes!

Location: Johannesburg

photographer: Layla Shaik

So a lot of you will know I just came back from Singapore and back to office on a serious grind. You know sometimes we get so stressed, that we forget about how blessed we are. This has happened to me... Work got me so stressed, before I went on holiday, that I forgot to appreciate how blessed I am to be doing a job I absolutely love. It's not easy at all.. but I am so humbled, and when I shot this look - I was so happy to be back in my zone you know again. 

I got this top in Singapore, but I wanted this top for a long time after seeing it online at Maison Mara, then when I went back to purchase it - they were sold out! This is also not the first time this has happened to me. So then I decided when I saw it to get it... I'm not sure if you're like me but you think about things you love, then never end up getting it because you think it will be there tomorrow. Well, that's not always the case... 

This is the first time, I've actually worn stripes, and I thought 'well not everyone loves stripes' so why not shoot an outfit to show how stripes can be worn on a smart causal vibe. My original plan for this top was to wear it with black leather pants and fur sleeveless coat - catch my drift?? But I also wanted to show you how you can wear white in winter, for a smart casual vibe. You should never be scared to, and the stripes is a great way to incorporate shape and I would always tone it down with solid coloured bottoms, like I did here with white.



Top: Comme Des Garçons (here)

 Pants: Zara (similar here) 

Shoes: Tom Ford (similar here) 

Bag: Hermés