IWC 75th Goodwood Member's Meeting

A weekend away with IWC.

Location: London

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

This was probably the best weekend I have EVER had in a very long time! So this past weekend I had the privilege of being hosted by IWC Schaffhausen at the 75th Annual Goodwood Member's Meeting in Chichester. It was so hard choosing pictures to put in this post because of how amazing this weekend was and also because of Catalina's impeccable photographs. It's also so hard explaining an event to someone because they could never fully grasp the true emotion I felt at the time when I was there! I was literally in my happy place.. the happiest I have been in a while. A lot of you will know how much I love cars so this for me was an absolute haven. 

The Goodwood Member's Meeting is a full weekend packed with back to back contested races featuring cars from the pre-war era right through to 1990s. I mean saw the cars our parents and grandparents drove before some of us were even born! How amazing! Apart from all the races, we enjoyed the first night hosted by Lord March for a formal black tie dinner. The atmosphere of the dinner was beyond beautiful and overly romantic (says the hopeless romantic, herself!). However, I really felt the IWC team made us feel so welcomed and apart of a family. They blew us away with endless laughs, meaningful conversations, clay pigeon shooting, dancing fireworks and (of course, my ultimate favourite) the Fun Fair. I've never felt more at home than the weekend with them - so thank you to you IWC!

Amongst the crazy adrenaline races and loads of other festivities, the new IWC Schaffhausen Ingenieur collection launched. Press, influencers, IWC team were all there to celebrate this new perfection of a piece. The new Ingenieur collection comprises of four different styles aimed to cater to four different personalities. My personal favourite was the Ingenieur Automatic, of course - which I got to test drive for the weekend. Honestly I fell in love with the watch instantly, purely because of its timeless, sleek and effortless classic design. I believe the watch is something unique, if you're a woman who doesn't love watches that look 'too feminine' then this watch is perfect for you. The alligator leather strap elevates the look of the watch. However, one thing I must commend IWC Schaffhausen for is the different colour-ways and sizes the watches come in. Even though there are different styles and colours to choose from when buying a watch, one thing will never have to worry about exclusivity because that is something IWC Schaffhausen masters so well. The choice to choose such an exclusive piece is only a privilege to embrace.

IWC Ingenieur Collection presentation launch  Picture by: David Biedert

IWC Ingenieur Collection presentation launch

Picture by: David Biedert

Incoming CEO IWC Schaffhausen, Chris Grainger-Herr  Picture by: David Biedert

Incoming CEO IWC Schaffhausen, Chris Grainger-Herr

Picture by: David Biedert



Watch: IWC Schaffhausen Ingenieur Automatic (here)

Blazer: Balmain (here)

Shirt (here) and Belt (here): Zara

Pants: Givenchy (similar here)

Boots: Stuart Weitzman (here)

Scarf (similar here) and Sunglasses: Dior

Bag: Tom Ford (here)


*Created in collaboration with IWC Schaffhausen