Against Me.

Location: Paris

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

As I am writing this blog post I can't help but feel a bit emotional, (either because I'm in my feels or I'm Europe home-sick!). For the first time in a long time, I miss Europe, it's kind of weird because it is always the other way round. 

I guess when I look back at these photo's they make me feel so nostalgic. I have always loved Paris, it is a romantic city and I am a sucker for romance. Every time I have been to Paris I can not help but think about love. Why? I guess it's the lights at night, the mood, the culture, the music... just everything inside of Paris is beautiful. Sort of how I feel about Louis Vuitton's Contre Moi perfume - beautiful. I love fresh, sweet, flowery scents. When I think about this perfume, I think about Paris and I think of sweet beautiful quirky innocent love... 

There is one thing about love that I love, and I think it's the ability it has to give you new eyes to see the world in a different, beautiful, innocent light... now imagine, what love in a perfume bottle can do to you... x