Paris Fashion Week SS18 With Louis Vuitton

my very first!

Location: Paris

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

So it's finally here! Paris Fashion Week blogpost. I feel so blessed. I am so blessed. This was my very FIRST Paris Fashion Week, and I feel incredibly honoured and blessed to have attended one of the best shows of the seasons - The Louis Vuitton SS18 show. Now, looking back at last week still feels like a dream, and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I was there. A lot of you will know that Paris is one of my favourite places in the world, because of its architecture and it's history in art and fashion culture. 

I took art in high-school and it was always a dream to see the real Mona Lisa painting. The first time I went to Paris a year ago was beyond a dream come true because not only was I able to see the real Mona Lisa and the ancient french paintings. I was also able to speak the spoken language. I think you can only imagine, how grateful I am to have now been in Paris for Fashion Week. I met so many global bloggers and celebrities that I have always been inspired by such Nicole Warner (GaryPepper), Amanda Shadforth (OracleFox), Aimee and Dani Song (SongOfStyle), Negin Mirsalehi, Julienne Moore, Lori Harvey (Steve Harvey's daughter), the most incredible Diane Von Furstenburg amongst many others. I am at awe. 

So for fashion week, I wanted to wear something a little more chilled yet elegant and youthful. I was so lucky because these LV glasses I am wearing were an exclusive item, in a sense that only 50 glasses were made. When I bought them in Paris, they only had two!! I was so happy because I had been looking some chic fashion glasses for such a long time. As for my outfit, I was very inspired by wearing a dress shirt and skirt. So I layered a shirt under a skirt because I wanted show you how diverse items can be and how much you can get the most wear out of one item. I used to be afraid of wearing the same thing over and over again, especially being a blogger, but in actual fact being a blogger you learn to wear items in different ways. Also, you should never be afraid of layering items it adds such an interesting factor to the outfit and creates a unique silhouette. Originally, I had planned to wear an LV fur gilet, but as soon as I saw my friend, Wilfred in his LV menswear jacket, I stole it for a few pictures. I love cross-dressing and besides I was so in love with his jacket because it tied my outfit altogether, so seamlessly and perfectly. Lastly, to add to the preppy look I wore heels with socks, I just felt like the outfit could have done with some extra ooomph and a youthful touch. 

The main thing I loved about Nicolas Ghesquière's SS18 was the combination of sporty and Netflix's 'Stranger Things'. I always speak about how I love cross-dressing and how I love women wearing androgynous items in a feminine or sporty way. I loved how Nicolas paired very feminine, old traditional dresses or shirts with big chunky sporty trainers. I also thought the concepts mixing of metallics into traditional almost 'royalty' dress jackets and making the outfit contemporary was fascinating. There were a whole a lot elements and inspirations about the collection which made it futuristically beautiful. The location at Musee du Louvre was beyond me! So incredible, the setting inside was a beautiful mix between traditional french culture and a mix of futuristic contemporary set design and including the very impactful music (sort of abstract sounds). My favourite item of the show were definitely the bag, metallic dresses and earrings. We see a more contemporary, street-fashion inspired Louis Vuitton - I like that! 

I can not wait for you to see the vlog of my week in Paris. I think it's going to be very interesting! Lol But until then - I'll see you soon loves x



Shirt: ASOS (here) 

Skirt, Jacket, Shoes, Bag - all Louis Vuitton 

Socks: Wolford (here)