Location: Johannesburg

photography: Phenyo - Worthathovsandwords

I always get asked how you can make affordable clothing look luxe, so I decided to give you all the tips and tricks to make your bargained, vintage or best buys clothes look like expensive. 

The most important thing to me when buying clothing is the quality of the item. It doesn't matter if I buy from fast-fashion stores or luxury boutiques, if the quality isn't good, I'm not buying it. So how do you tell something is of good quality, right? Well, I believe it all comes down to the texture of the fabric. I can always tell how durable and long-lasting an item will be according to how they feel. For example, this t-shirt I bought from Woolworths in the men's department, years ago and the cotton was strong yet still smooth. Meaning that after 150 washes it will still feel new. Some t-shirts are tooooo soft or too rough. The problem with tops like these is that after one stain or a few washes they start to look old. 

So these flared linen pants, are stunning. I am a curvy lady so wearing certain pants can look weird on me but I like the effect these pants gave me. The pants elongated my legs and put less emphasis on my hips, which can be a really cool and comfortable look at times. Theres pants were easy to wear, added a bold statement and wear very comfortable.

Then the last tip, is to invest in some really good quality shoes and handbag. These usually add that 'luxe' effect on affordable fast fashion clothing. I decided to pair my Manolo Blahnik's with this outfit because it definitely added that 'luxury' feel and makes a bold statement. One thing about me where style is concerned is that I honestly love mixing different textures, tones and fabrics. It really makes an outfit more interesting. Here, I decided to play on different tones from the navy pants, light blue denim jacket, to silver-blue shoe - all blues tones. Then I matched the white top to the white pin-stripe on the pants. It's all about creating a consistent flow and story. Keep it simple, play with silhouettes and create a story. 

That's it from me! Let me know your thoughts on this outfit in the comment section below.

K xo



Top: Men's T-shirt from Woolworths [old collection] ( similar here )

Jacket: GUESS Jeans [old collection] (similar here // here)

Pants: MANGO - from Sandton City (similar here // here // here )

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik