Location: South Africa 

photography: JP Hanekom

In collaboration with IWC Schaffhausen

Hello loves! I'm so happy to be finally blogging more often... I honestly feel like I've reconnected with you again on a personal level. It is so HARD being a blogger honestly, because you deal with soooo many issues, especially when it has to do with your values. BUT keeping my peaceful mantra and keeping my calm. A lot has been going on lately and for the first time, it's hit me so hard that being an adult is difficult. haha.. who feels me? 

For those of you who might not know, I've recently graduated and now I'm a full-time blogger. Believe when, I say it is not easy. There so much to do, from admin, to finances etc. but one day it'll all get better, right? So I'm always on the run and which involves meetings, errands and admin, etc so when I have the chance to wear flats I do. To be honest, I am always attending events most of them require me to wear heels but if I have the chance to wear flats, I WILL! (lol!) 

So I've been blogging a lot more casual/ formal/ work-wear outfits because that is a sense of style I most relate to. I do not wear heels everyday so showing you how to incorporate flats into everyday wear is more informing and authentic. I was really inspired by this Portofino Automatic 37' watch. A watch is ALWAYS a perfect accessory on any occasion even at work. There is something about this watch colour and style that makes it slightly more masculine yet elegant. I love a good item that has a masculine effect because I LOVE re-defining the item to be more feminine. A lot of you will know that sometimes, I shop in men's department such as sweater's and will pair them with high-heels to make it more feminine. I honestly feel it adds such an interesting touch of creativity and androgyny in a feminine way. 

So the weekend is approaching soon and I always get asked "what should I wear? I'm going to a Saturday barbecue... or a very relaxed Sunday lunch." Well, a shirt for me always does justice because you can pair it with heels to dress it up a little more or you can wear closed flats or open flats, like me. It's up to you and what you're comfortable with. When it comes to styling, I believe it's important to proportion your prints and statements accordingly, for example: when you're wearing a shirt with loads of embroidery or print, wearing some skinny jeans, shorts or high-waisted skirt or pants always will make the outfit more sleek. I paired a white pair of slip-ons here because I like the structure of the shoe in contrast with the bag and shirt adds an interesting touch. Lastly, the brown brings out the brown in the bag - cherry on the top! This is definitely one of my favourites watches because it's so diverse. You can wear it with almost anything and everything!

So the great thing about this shirt is that it's a work to weekend shirt. So you know sometimes we have those meetings on the weekend, this shirt is perfect with a pair of jeans and brogues then you can just swop them up with slip-ons later, for something more comfortable. Just like that!

That's it from me. Two more days until the weekend. Not counting. (maybe I am!) But nonetheless, enjoy it ! 

K xo


Top:  Liviana Conti (from Callaghan)

Watch: Portofino Automatic 37' 

Bag: Ermanno Scervino handbag (from Catheryne Gaeyla) 

Pants: Levis (here)

Shoes: Hermés Oran sandals (here)