Location: South Africa 

photography: JP Hanekom

In collaboration with IWC Schaffhausen

For the last couple of days I’ve been speaking about how fast the days go when I’m in London. I do not know what it is or what earth is doing (except for moving) but I can say that time is damn right RACING by fast! For me, it is kind of a depressing yet exciting thing at the same time but you know what, what can we do but make the most out of it. 

So ever since I took blogging as a full-time career, I’ve journeyed across different three continents  and have taken up to 8 flights and 4 trains in the last two months. So you can only imagine how fast time has flew by for me. I know there are people who lives depend on travelling and some even live out of their suitcases but this year has taught me to live with clothing that is diverse in style and leave my temporary fashion items behind. Now I know that might sound crazy but in my world things are constantly changing from press events, to projects, to travels, to work and family commitments etc. so the things I pack need to adjust to my life. 

This is what I love about this outfit, is it's ability to transform from a day outfit to a night outfit. For everyone that knows me will know that I love outfits that are diverse in terms of styling because you get the most out of them. I love this dress because it’s a unique body-con dress, very sexy, yet fun and flattering. This outfit would look just as great with a flat pair of brogues or even without the blazer, just the dress and sneakers would look great! The last thing that is great about this outfit is that it, it is fully black (except the navy shoes and bag, but it's sort of black!) so it’s suitable in most situations. 

If you’re in the creative industry or any sort of job where you have to travel a lot, you’ll know that your office is anywhere in the world where there is wifi, your laptop, a charger, phone and a watch (lol!). One of the things I get asked a lot is how I manage to work in London and South Africa, especially because the times aren’t the same. Most of my life, I have lived in two different time zones at some stage of my life and sometimes it can be frustrating to keep track. The one thing I love about the Portofino watch collection is that all of their watches are suitable for different people on various occasions. IWC Schaffhausen not only know how to mix luxury and craftsmanship really well, but they definitely know how to mix convenience and elegance effortlessly, such as the Portofino Automatic Day ’N Night 37’ watch (which I have not shown you). The thing I love about that specific watch is it’s ability to keep track of time in two different time zones, in its day/night display. Apart from its elegant design and glamorous diamond-set-bezel, this watch is perfect for those who travel a lot and need an accessory and time piece thats fit for any occasion - formal or casual, professional or personal. So you’re able to live a 24 hour day in two timezones by just a peep of a watch. 

My time travelling, studying and working abroad has made me appreciate and value time a lot more than I used to. I think time is a majestic thing and we tend forget that a lot, but sometimes we need to stop smell the roses or look at the stars and appreciate the universe and what it has to offer. This Portofino Automatic Moonphase 37, reminds me of all the night’s I’ve missed the stars but funny enough.. I never miss the moon. It’s the symbol of light I always look for in the dark no matter where in the world I am. This watch symbolises a lot for me, a connection between the universe, history, time and journey's - new and old. It's such a beautiful world we live in we just need to take the time to appreciate it and sometimes the things we keep or closest to us are the only ones that will remind us to do that.

- love K xox


Dress and Blazer:  Roberto Cavalli (from Catheryne Gaeyla) 

Watch: Portofino Automatic Moonphase 37

Shoes and Clutch: Jimmy Choo (shoes similar here // bag here)

Socks: Wolford (similar here)