Location: South Africa

Have you ever taken a journey, you wish you could have taken again? I have. Many times. But I guess, the point of a journey is that you take it so it could lead to something even better. I feel incredibly honoured to be sharing the second part of my story and IWC Schaffhausen collaboration with you, because this journey lead to a journey across ages for me. This moment created a legacy that won't be forgotten but carried on.

We all at some stage have taken the road the less travelled. Whether you take it often or not, we are somewhat hopeful that the road we are taking is the right one. Metaphorically, the person who takes the road less travelled does not like to conform to others, who enjoy taking the road more often travelled. Generally speaking he/she makes her own decisions and is not afraid to be different from others. I always used to be the girl who enjoyed taking the road more often travelled or who would follow the crowd purely because I was afraid to take the road less often travelled. When I reached high-school I realized that living like someone else or following the crowd didn't do much justice in my life because I wanted to experience, live and enjoy more in life. I knew that I had to push my fears aside and take the road less travelled in the direction I wanted to reach my goals and dreams. 

After much thought I came to the conclusion that if I don't take the road less travelled at least once I could miss out on an opportunity I may not be able to bring back or live. It does take confidence and strength to take a risk or make a decision different from others but once you have the strength to overcome the fear, it becomes easier and you become more comfortable with making your own decisions because in the end those are the decisions that make you happier. It took a while for me to be comfortable and adjust beginning a new journey (like moving to England) but I can honestly say by taking those risks I ended up happier, more confident and felt a lot more powerful over myself. 

I am so inspired by women and men who take the road less travelled. Those who work hard, overcome hurdles, chase their dreams, look after their family yet still look fabulously doing so. This is the who this watch - Portofino Automatic 37 was created for. The individual who likes to take the road less travelled, has class, loves luxury, appreciates quality and believes in cultural heritage. This individual doesn't like to buy into brands to prove a point but they buy into a brand because they want to create a new journey across the ages in their family. The classic Portofino Automatic watch has been with IWC Schaffhausen for over 30 years and has held it's own elegant timeless reputation. The new 37 millimetre Portofino Automatic 37 is perfect for those who are always in the office, jet-set, travel globally regularly or enjoy a good night out. The Portofino Automatic range have over ten models to choose from, red-gold, to white gold, some with diamonds around the case, some without and various coloured Santoni alligator leather or 1960s style Milanaise (woven) straps which all are 3 bar water-resistant. The thing I love about watches that are timelessly elegant is that they cater for every taste. The sparkling 66 diamonds in this watch I am wearing are luxurious, polished and sleek so any age or profession would suit this watch, not only that but I completely fell in love with how beautiful this watch is in person, so precious and so immaculate. I feel so moved by the individual who will own this watch because I believe it could definitely hold a tradition by passing it on their children, their children's children etc and create #APortofinoJourney across the ages.   

I think creating a new journey across ages is so important not only to you but your future family. It provides such a strong source of identity, family bound, comfort and security to create the best constants in their lives. However, it takes one of us to take that step to create the journey. My wish is that every person finds the strength to take the road less often travelled, to begin a new journey at least once. I hope that you realise that in making this decision it opens your eyes to something beautiful and only makes you feel happier, more confident and powerful than before you first begun. I dream that every person begins a journey that gives them courage to reach their goals and live the happiest, most confident and fulfilling life they have always dreamed of. 

I am wearing

Portofino Automatic 37' watch (Style: IW458107)


Outfit details: Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Jumpsuit (from Callaghan Hyde Park) // Wolford Netsation Forming Top // Jimmy Choo 'Lang' Sandals (Jimmy Choo Sandton City) // Mimco clutch bag // Satin Belt (from Catheryne Gaeyla)

Photography: JP Hanekom - Assistant: Zander Opperman - Makeup: 3INA Cosmetics - Styling Assistant: Evelyn Lobelo - Location and Car: A Special Thank you to Mercedes Benz AMG South Africa