Location: Johannesburg

photography: Phenyo - Worthathovsandwords

Hey guys! So today, I'm sharing with you something a little emotional, special and dear to my heart. My blog. So for those of you who might know, I've decided to take up blogging full-time now as a career and honestly, I know it is not the easiest decisions to make but I made it and I can only trust that this is what God wants for me. 

So when I had graduated just over two months ago, it was time to look for a job but for some reason I felt reluctant to do it and even though I was applying for all my dream jobs, something inside of me was still pulling me towards my blog and working for myself. I definitely know it is not the easiest and knew it wasn't going to be easy. I mean breaking the news to my parents was a bit yuh nerve-wrecking and it's not because they don't support what I do but it just meant it would take a little longer for me to leave home. Working for yourself, is not easy but to al the women that do it and kick-ass I applaud you. 

I can definitely say I have a routine now and I love my job, the perks are beyond amazing but the cons are very time-consuming, labour driven and tiring. However, hard work ALWAYS pays off and I feel and it. All my prayers, long hours of admin and planning are finally starting to pay off after three years. There are many people who might not believe in your dream but the only person that will push you to do better is yourself. If you have made the decision to chase your dreams and God's hands are upon it then everything will fall into place, that does not mean it will be easy but somehow, somewhere your breakthrough will come. 

I am a perfectionist so I feel like it's very hard to do things sometimes because I never want to post anything that does display who I am, what I like or what I stand for. An example, would be filming YouTube makeup tutorials - I will not even lie, I have probably filmed 4 make-up tutorials on my own and I just was not happy with the quality of it and I will NEVER post something that is not to the standard I want it to be at. But also finding the right people or equipment to help can usually come at a high cost, so you can only imagine my struggle right? But then again, it's all a learning curve and I wouldn't take anything back. So my point, if you are really passionate about something and good at it, work to make your dreams come true and if it is part of God's plan for you, every single little thing will pull through. You just need a load bunch of confidence, patience, strong-will and determination. 

Lastly, thank you to every single one of you for your continued support, love and consistent friendships. I can not do what I do without you all. So thank you!

- Love K xo



Top: Witchery (similar here)

Choker: Topshop 

Pants: DKNY (similar here)

Shoes: Gucci