Location: South Africa

Have you ever constantly kept checking your watch? Ever fallen asleep and then woke up ten minutes later thinking it had been hours? I have. I think the reason why we are so concerned about time is because we can never really get it back again. It's crazy because time flies by so quickly and before you know it you are on a new journey that leads to a new road.  A new journey can resemble so many things and can bring so many emotions in one moment. Sometimes finding the words to explain that specific moment in time can seem nearly impossible. Some journey's are shorter than others and some never end. Some journey's can bring to surface obstacles, challenges and some can bring blessing's and happiness.

However, the great thing about a journey is that sometimes over a period of time journeys can help people find answers or even just satisfaction to keep them on the journey of life. We have all embarked on a journey but our journey's are all different, yet we still all have the same amount of time, we just use it differently too. The crazy thing is we have a choice of how we want to use our time. The same time you have in an entire day is the same time that is reflected in the moon. The moon comes at the same time daily, it just occurs in different ways, sometimes we see it more often than other days, sometimes we don't. No matter where you are in the world you will always at some stage see the moon. The moon symbolises different things to all of us. To some people the moon is symbol of light yet some the moon indicates an answer. Before the days of mechanical timekeeping, the moon was an indication and a reminder that displayed the passage of time for everyone to see. Time is invaluable and it's obvious that even before we could mechanically tell the time, time meant something to everyone. We are so fortunate that today we don't need the moon to tell the time but we can simply keep track of time by a peep of a watch. We can make time more effective to cherish the moments and people that mean the most to us.

It's a beautiful thing when a piece of jewelry holds a profound meaning and can remind you of certain memories in time you once had or will soon have in your life - this is what the Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 watch embodies. The thing I love about the IWC brand is the passion that goes into the craftsmanship and innovation in creating beautiful and cherished pieces of luxury watches. Not only does a piece of fine craftsmanship produce the best quality but it holds a heritage and has a journey of it's own. In 1984, the original Portofino watch had a moon phase display, Roman numerals, feuille hands and convex front glass which was essential to the Portofino watch family's identity. The original model was made in very small quantities until the late 1990s, meaning a selected few owned some of these watches. The Portofino Automatic 37 collection which was intended to captivate men and women who prefer a slightly smaller luxurious timepiece. The unique leather straps, all of which have an individual variation of colour were produced by Santoni, a luxury Italian shoemaker discovered in the 1975, dedicated to refined cultural heritage of leather craftsmanship.

In 2014, newer versions of the Portofino Automatic 37 collection were created in different styles (some with diamonds) incorporating dials and strap colours. The collection encompasses three different time pieces: The Portofino Automatic 37; Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 and Portofino Automatic Day & Night 37. The watch I am wearing is a classic design from the Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 collection. The thing I love about the new Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 is the inspiration it took from the elegance and flair of the 1950s and 1960s and combines today's modern day take on luxury. In resembling history of when the moon was symbol of time, the Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37 adapts this symbol by displaying an illustration of the moon rise which sets behind a gathering of clouds, floating on a shimmering white mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamonds.

I feel incredibly honoured to be collaborating with IWC Schaffhausen for the Portofino Automatic collection because I treasure jewelry that have been a journey or hold a cultural heritage behind it. When I was wearing this watch, I couldn't help but think of the heritage this watch would carry in my family, in the future. I felt a connection to it, in the sense that my daughter or son could be reminded of the profound memories the watch carries, not only emotional memories but also in the cultural craftsmanship it holds. Even though we loose time, I always feel like we can sort of re-live these memories by owning items that have travelled through time with someone we love. 

I am wearing

 Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37' Watch



Other outfit details: Wolford Netsation Cardigan // Ermanno Scervino handbag (from Catheryne Gaeyla) // 

Photography: JP Hanekom - Assistant: Zander Opperman - Makeup: 3INA Cosmetics - Styling Assistant: Evelyn Lobelo - Location and Car: Special Thank you to Mercedes Benz AMG South Africa