Location: London 

photographer: Catalina Joycelyn

Hello Lovelies - anyone feeling the summer vibe yet? I definitely have been. So I've never actually BOUGHT an off-shoulder top I was 100% happy with and wore in-out. So this is a very rare occasion for me guys... I actually love this off-shoulder top (but I wore it as a dress, of course!) haha. 

Sooo let me tell you about this outfit, ohkay? This outfit, is my ultimate dream come true. This outfit, yeah... gave me all kinds of badass girl confidence, it brought out the inner Riri in me. lol. Okay, but on a serious note... I first saw a version of this coat, as a dress on Kylie Jenner a year ago and I fell in love and told myself when I find this jacket. I will be sooo happy and I did!!!!!! It is such an amazing item to have because you can wear it as a coat or as an oversized denim dress, with high-heels for extra elongated legs. Do you see where I'm coming from? The other great thing about this coat is that, it an all season coat / dress - it is quiet heavy so it's good in winter.

I wanted this look to be slightly more feminine and holiday-y so I played it down with the top (here worn as a dress). Look, the great thing about being short is you get the privilege of wearing some t-shirts as dresses. However, if you are taller than me, a good pair of white denim jeans with this top and some sleek sandal heels, will look just as amazing. Or you could even wear denim shorts, if you want to show some leg. So I paired this outfit with heels because I feel this outfit is something you can wear to casual smart event. I love playing with tones, textures and details, so this was a play on each of those features. The textures of my shoes and bag were almost the same, plus the print was co-ordinated perfectly. The tones of blue played out in the dress/top and washed out denim coat. Then, I added a bad-ass black choker and silver necklace, for that feminine touch. 

This has to be my favourite outfit, to date! What are you thoughts? Is this something you see yourself in...?

K x