So whether you're a girly girl or tomboy chic kinda girl, believe it or not there is a dress just for you. I never really thought there was a dress for any occasion if I had to be very honest, but whilst looking at Superbalist range of dresses, I was amazed at how easy it is to incorporate dresses into your closet. One thing I strive for is comfort and practicality, because these two features go a very long way. I love the fact that dresses can be super versatile, a cocktail dress can become a cute day wear dress or a shirt dress, can become an elegant shirt paired with jeans. There are so many ways dresses can be worn. 

I decided to pick a few of my favourite dresses from the SUPERBALIST dress catalogue and show how affordable dresses can be worn on different occasions and seasons. I've made a simple style guide on what to wear on the different occasions and paired them with snazzy shoe for each dress. 

FROM LEFT: shoes Parla Suede, Billini ; dress (left) Till Long Ribbed Dress, ADPT; dress (right) Crepe Plunge Scallop Hem Dress, Missguided

THE OCCASION EDIT: These dresses are the perfect dress for an occasion like a wedding party or cocktail party. I think buying semi-formal dresses is the perfect way to incorporate versatile items into your closet. I love these grey block heels, as they are more comfortable than high-heels. Now, I have a thing for white dresses, so whether you like to wear long dresses or short dresses then both of these will work. These dresses might seem simple but the silhouette and interesting hemlines is what gives these dresses a fashion forward aspect. The most important thing, would be to keep it simple in accessorising, maybe have sleek hair or curly waved hair for the ultimate elegant twist. 

FROM LEFT: (left) dress Jam Long Hooded Knit, Noisy May; (right) dress Dubbed dress, ADPT; sneakers Stan Smith, Adidas Originals

THE DAILY WEAR EDIT: I am ALWAYS running errands, so if you're like me you'll know a quick outfit to slip on in the morning that is comfortable yet practical is a complete must! I loved both dresses as they are items I would most definitely wear with a sleek white sneaker, for that casual yet bold statement. Plus, both these looks would work with an accessory as simple as a pair of black sunglasses, meaning you're hiding those eye bags from that long night - wink. (I got you!) Kill two birds with one stone, but still look effortlessly chic.

FROM LEFT: shoes Mira Leather Shoe, Selected Femme; dress Jano shirt dress, Selected Femme

THE OFFICE EDIT: I love shirt dresses - they are elegant and versatile. A dress like this can flatter any body type because it's flowy yet you can exaggerate your proportions by using the belt. Not too keen on a belt? No problem, just tie it at the back of the dress for a cute button-down shirt dress. If you like wearing heels, you can pair this with black stockings and black heels or whichever you prefer and feel comfortable with at work.

FROM LEFT: dress Tee dress, Adidas Originals; shoes Tubular viral, Adidas Originals

THE DAY ADVENTURE EDIT: If you have a family with lots of boys or even if you just enjoy those adventurous activities, like me, then you'll definitely appreciate wearing this dress, without looking like one of the guys.  This dress is light-weight yet super practical for some sort of adventurous and the length is perfect so no need to worry about flashing anybody by accident. I paired this dress, with cool sneakers/trainers to add extra comfort for that long day ahead.

FROM LEFT: shoes Ontaro Black Suede,Billini ; (left) dress Wilma dress, Motel ; (right) dress Faux Leather Button Through Shirt Dress, Missguided

THE PARTY EDIT: Believe it or not, but I am a fan of Kylie Jenner's style, so when I saw this faux-leather dress on the right, it reminded me of her. I think this dress is a super trendy dress to wear to a party, I would wear the brown dress with nude strappy heels and probably plait my hair in two plaits, or push it back neatly. I love the fact that the dress makes a statement on its own which is kind of what you need when going to a party, something that makes a bold statement. However, if you're attending a day party this dress would work too with block heels. As for the velvet dress, I love the silhouette of this dress and combination of fabric. I would pair this dress with black strappy heels and a black fabric collar and a deep maroon lip for an amazing gothic chic look - perrrrfect look for a night party.


See, easy peasy pudding and pie. 5 occasions, 5 different dresses! If you're looking for more choices of dresses for any other occasion visit: SUPERBALIST