Location: London 

photographer: Idris Abdulkareem

Firstly, Happy Valentines Day! I wish you all had the opportunity to share the love with someone that you hold so close to your heart. I think that it is great to have valentines day because it's a day to remind us of how special someone is and a day where we can show our appreciation towards them. However, I do believe we should constantly remind people often how much they mean to us. When I first picked these socks, I could not help but think of pink fluffy love. (haha - corny, right?) 

I don't usually wear pink, but I loved how these socks looked and couldn't help but pair them with a pair of heels. I know never thought anyone could pull off the heel and sock thing but to be honest, it's growing on me and I like it. You all know, I like the simplicity in clothing, with attention to detail so I decided to let the socks talk for themselves. I wanted the socks to do the love talk and it worked. 

If you are a bit nervous about the sock and heel thing, then think the trick here is first try wearing plain thin socks with matching heels, such as black ankle stocking socks with a pair of black heels. I always think when I am afraid to try something, I always wear it in the most basic way to see if I like it then I pair it with other stuff.  So definitely give it a try but if you're a little more daring then go all out, with them. I added some extra socks into the guide - some really pretty ones! So I've added some really cool socks in the shopping guide, so definitely give this a try, get way to keep your toes warm in the freezing cold. 

That's it from me - All my love xx


Top: Zara (similar here)

Skirt: Witchery (similar here // here )

Coat: H&M (similar here)

Socks: ASOS (here)

Heels: Chrisitian Louboutin (here // similar here