Location: London

photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

Ever since I was young I always used to buy jewellery that was sentimental, whether I was buying for someone close or I was buying it for myself, there was always an attached meaning or message. 

If you ask my best friend, she will tell you how many sentimental love or best-friend bracelets I’ve bought her for either a birthday or special event like Christmas. I believe jewellery is a piece that can hold so much meaning which can be kept for so many years and passed on to others. The Trinity de Cartier cord bracelet is a jewellery piece that symbolises so much and has a deep meaning that anyone can relate to. 

The Trinity de Cartier was designed to visually symbolise three different sentiments - love, friendship and fidelity. There are three bands intertwined in harmony, three colours of gold: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship. I find this so moving because I believe in some way we can all relate to one or all of the three sentiments. We have all had or shared lovefidelity or friendship in our lives, whether it was with a partner, friend, family member or work colleague. This bracelet I am wearing comes is an interchangeable cord straps that comes in different colours, so you can make it even more personal by picking a colour that symbolises the 'trinity' to you.

If I think about all the close relationships I’ve had in my life, I think of all these sentiments and how each one them played a different role sometime in my life. For me, my best friend is someone I trust with my personal stories and for that I will always be loyal, love and keep our friendship forever. In this relationship, all three sentiments played the same role - but obviously friendship and love was the strongest sentiment in that relationship.

Some sentiments might be stronger than the other for you or they might equally mean the same thing or different things for you but I believe to have a close relationship with someone in your life - all three sentiments eventually fall into place. 







I am wearing: 

Trinity de Cartier Cord Bracelet