photographer: Catalina Jocelyn

So believe it or not I made this choker by myself. My biggest problem when the choker trend came out in full force was not being able to find a choker that was simple enough yet classy and unique or in a colour I wanted like this white one, so I made the decision to try out making one. I bought some ribbon from a party shop and made a bow around my neck. So simple, so easy and looks so chic! I love how easy you can make a trend more personal and wearable. 

So I've mentioned before how I love all-white outfits. I feel that they are wearable on any occasion and white always looks so chic. The only problem is keeping it clean throughout the day if you are a clumsy person but other than that white is almost the replacement for black. I always enjoy pairing my white items with a pop of colour whether it is in my shoes, accessories or handbag. So I paired this mini C de Cartier bag with all white because I really love it when my handbag makes a statement, so this is what it did here. I also really love the fact that this bag is classic because it makes it easier to keep and use for a very long time and it would still be just as elegant and great to wear in couple of years. It makes the bag so personal, knowing you can treasure it for a long time... this little baby, is not going anywhere. She's staying right by my side.



Top: Vince (from Feather's Fashion) 

Skirt: Zara (similar here // here

Shoes: Gucci (here)

Bag: Cartier (here)