Location: London

photographer: Maria Karpova

There's something about being in sweats and comfortable clothes that makes life seem so much easy and calming, right? Well, that's at least what I think. 

To be honest, I am ALWAYS in comfortable clothing. So I look forward to dressing up when I get the opportunity to. Most people think I wear heels everyday but to be honest, I don't. I am ALWAYS in sneakers, and if not that, I'm in work-out clothing. So you can just imagine how in love I am with Calvin Klein's new denim wear range. So much comfort, so much softness and love, all in one top. I love this top because I feel like I can wear it on the plane, whilst travelling, going to the cinema, on long shopping days, even on a lunch date (with a white high waisted skirt & pretty sandalled heels) ... you name it, this top can go far places.

If you've never worn Calvin Klein underwear before, you literally missing out. The MOST COMFORTABLE underwear ever - no jokes. Like if I could wear them all day, every single day I would. (hahaha wayy too much comfort). My point of today's point, is when people say they don't like fashion because it's uncomfortable to dress up all the time or stores don't sell comfortable clothing. uh no honey... you can find comfort in fashion all the time. Plus, it doesn't mean that the most expensive clothes are the most comfortable. You can find comfort in affordable clothing too. The trick is to try things on, you'd be surprised on how comfortable the most 'uncomfortable looking' outfits are. And if you're still having trouble finding comfortable clothing, give me a call and I can a help you out. That's what personal stylists do!

If you speak to anyone close to me they will tell you, if I'm buying a shoe and it aint comfortable lol I'll wave it bye bye. Every time I buy heels, I walk in them for a good 10 mins at the store to make sure I feel comfortable. If I'm buying jeans and they not comfortable, no baby, those ain't coming home with me. So basically, I like my comfort. However, I've realised with comfort comes confidence. In order, to feel comfortable in some clothing you need to be confident, yes?. You will not always be comfortable by being confident but with time it comes. My message to you today is, do not wear things you're not comfortable in, because if you're not comfortable, other's will be able to sense it and it might lower your confidence. I say, wear stylish clothing that is comfortable! Wear clothing that will boost your confidence, just like this top did for me. 



Top & Underwear - Calvin Klein

Bracelet - Michael Kors