VALENTINO X Cash and Rocket

Location: London

I'm not a shopaholic! I'm helping the economy... well, let's actually put that to practice. I've had my little eye on Valentino sneakers for a while now and I finally decided to go and get them. Only to find out that when I purchased an item from the 'Cash & Rocket' collection I was contributing to the proceeds that are going to charities in Africa. 

Now, for those who know me, I am a compassionate lover. Whenever, I can give back to the community I try my best to. I can not live on this world and not make a difference in one person's life and so I made that change by helping a child out every month with her upkeep. Now, I've never felt fulfilled because it was something that I wanted to do from my heart. Okay, okay so now before we get into all of this, let me cut down and get straight to explaining a tiny bit about 'Valentino Cash & Rocket'. 

Now, Cash & Rocket is an initiative that was created to contribute to three chosen charities in Africa, (basically to help children and women receive the equal amount of opportunity): 

- O Africa  ( A charity that empowers, care and creates a loving environment for children, young people and their families who rights have been comprised due to poverty, violence, trafficking and HIV/AIDS.

- Sumbandila Scholarship Trust ( A charity, in the northern part of my country (South Africa) to transform the educational lives of young individuals. Sumbandila provides mentorship and scholarship programs to create exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

- Shine on Sierra Leone ( This international charity, celebrates their 7th year this May. SOSL focuses on increasing the educational needs and access to all levels. They develop initiatives such primary education, adult literacy, computer literacy, micro lending, agricultural investment and sustainable developments by using the 'earth-bag' building methods.

When you purchase from the Valentino Cash & Rocket Collection, 20% of sales goes to those three charities. If you are able to afford to buy, and are looking for a new bag, or top or shoe, perhaps think about buying from this collection and know that your money is going towards a good cause. To read more about cash and rocket and the tour they took, visit . You can also donate to one of the teams that were a part of the Cash & Rocket tour (here).

Making a difference needs to be for you! It's needs to come from your heart! Helping others is about making a change. A change in someone life doesn't always have to be big, it can be as simple as giving a homeless person, 10 minutes of your time, to find out how you can help, or putting a smile on a sad child's face, but its about consistency and helping someone to get back on their feet so that they can live a better life. You don't what other people are going through. If we can't help one person, who must we expect to help them. My advice, is help when you can. If you see, a starving person on the road, knowing that you can buy yourself another sandwich or make one when you get home, why not pass it on to the starving person? I'm no superhero at giving but what I know is I try give, when I know someone needs it more than me. 

(unfortunately the red sneakers were not available under cash & rocket sale collection)

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