Location: London 

Photographer: Maria Karpova

SPRING TIME! FINALLY! Okay, not like it reallllly makes a difference in London because it's still cold. When you're a South African, you know what Spring is. The only thing I can say is that everyone in London looks forward to seeing the sun, so right now, I'm going to appreciate the sun. 

So how is everyone doing? How has the first couple of months been treating you all? I mean I can't believe its already March. Anyway, I really like coats so this spring coat trend, is definitely a favourite. No kidding, but spring can sometimes be really chilly so it's always wise to have a light coat in your closet. The other good is thing is that you can wear a winter coat over it in the winter, to create that really bold layering contrast look. Thank goodness for the layering trend because you can get a lot with lots of sneaky vests when it's cold. (Yes, I still wear vests!) The only inspiration behind is outfit is the fact that I am so obsessed with Khaki! The first time I saw this coat from Taboka Mazura's studio I literally fell in love. I creating my own crop top silhouette, so this top is an ordinary long top which I folded in just by my midriff to create that lovely crop effect. I am also wear a sleeveless dress, as a skirt under the tops. I've recently discovered that customising items to suit your body type is definitely a must because you get the most out your clothes. So don't be afraid to create your own style!

#STYLETIP: Pair a spring coat with a lazy white t-shirt, some jeans and bold flats for a casual chic outfit. If you're heading to work, pair the coat with a long-sleeved top, high waisted midi skirt and heels. Dinner or Night out? A crop top and high waisted skirt and some heels. (TA-DUH!)


Coat: Taboka Mazura (similar here) 

Shell top: Taboka Mazura

Crop Jersey Top: Topshop (similar here)

Dress (worn as skirt): Topshop (similar here)

Heels: Céline (similar here)

Bag: Hermés