Location: London 

photographer: Maria Karpova

So I've always been a fan of Wolford so when I heard about the new innovation of the pure 50 tights I was really anticipating the arrival of the tights. To be completely honest, I'm not much a tights person but when I opened these tights I was sooooo amazed by the softness and feel of the tights. From the bottom of my heart, I was really impressed by these tights - pure innovation! The main reason I hate tights is because they are uncomfortable but these Wolford Pure 50 tights (buy here) are the most comfortable tights I've ever worn. So I'm really inspired to start wearing them more often. 

The Pure 50 opaque tights are completely seamless, meaning that they have an invisible effect even when wearing the tightest clothes. (I've tested them!) They leave no lines and they also don't creepy crawl because they have a good grip but they aren't very heavy which is great because most tights that have a grip are way too thick and heavy. I can not stress enough how incredibly amazing these tights are - so soft and smooth on the skin. I would honestly advise you to invest in these tights. Rather buy one great quality pair of tights than by 100s of tights that run a ladder and tear all the time. Trust me, when I say that these tights are the ''masterpiece of innovation" - you literally will not find anything better than these Pure 50 tights in the world.

Much love - Kamo xoxo



Tights: Wolford Pure 50 (shop here)