Location: London

Photographer: Maria Karpova


There is something about white that makes me feel girly and pure that I love. I always feel like when I wear all white, it feels like a new beginning. I am in absolute love with the dungaree trend because they are so comfortable (Yes! A cheer for comfort). I have been wearing white a lot the past couple of months and it’s probably because of the way wearing white makes me feel. I feel so light, like an angel (lol). But it is the honest truth, wearing white makes me feel brand new. So fall is coming up and I decided to pair this dungaree up with a white turtleneck and sneakers.  I have never owned a dungaree before so this is definitely something new for me but I have always been a jumpsuit girl so we can say it’s almost the same thing. The sneakers make this look the perfect university day look or you can wear high-heeled sandals for a casual-chic night look. I am always busy in London, doing stuff so these white sneakers are perfect for those who love fashion and comfort. I do feel like being in London has helped me develop my own personal style and I still believe that it is getting better.

Every time I come back to London for a new year I always feel like I’m getting a fresh start to life. It’s almost the same feeling to starting a new job, or moving into a new home or even being with someone who genuinely understands and loves you deeply, to me these are all 'fresh starts’ that we experience on a yearly, monthly, daily basis, for some. A fresh start to me always feels like a deep breathe of fresh air, it feels like the sun coming out on a cold day. You always have something good (in most cases) to look forward to. 

I once spoke about fresh beginnings with my connect group over dinner and we discussed this factor that a beginning is like a new way of thinking. We specifically discussed how the bible tells us that God is the 'beginning and the end' (Revelation 22:13). We spoke about how God simultaneously is both the beginning and the end at the same time. It’s a lot to go into and explain, but I recommend you read into this, it will really change the way you think about life and how you should take care and appreciate a new beginning in a journey, season, minute etc. When you’ve experienced going down a bad road, you know what it’s like to look forward to a new start. After, that connect meeting I realised when God places something new in your hand (a beginning) you need to do something with it and make it amazing. 

An example would be when I had applied to go to university in London, in the beginning I could not afford to go right away so we deferred my offer til the following year. Now, that meant I would have to leave school in the new year, for 9 months until the new year started at London College of Fashion in September. I had only completed one year at LISOF and I thought well this is just not going to work out. However, God placed a job in my hands, to work with a friend. At first, I was skeptical about it because I knew what was required of me. That meant I had leave to a ‘real-paying’ job for just a hardly-paid internship job. So I went with the offer to work with my friend, where I worked for 6 months and got promoted within 2 months of working there. I learnt so much and gained so much experience within the fashion industry that I would have never learnt anywhere else. Now, when God had placed that internship in my hands I could’ve taken that new beginning and dumped it and went my own way and had a job that was not happy with at all, or made something of myself with a job that gave me little money but so much responsibility. I never knew that new internship beginning would work to my advantage and it’s all because I trusted God in the process. When the intern job ended, I went to study and I had gained enough experience to study with others on an international level. So many times, we take advantage of small beginnings because we are scared and don’t think we will benefit from it but if it is from God, you will be abundantly blessed and be in the presence of God. See now here, the beginning of the internship was a start to my university life and the end of that journey took me to a new journey and beginning of something else. I hope you get my drift? So it’s important to cherish new beginnings and treat them with care because they could open other doors. A new beginning to me is like a key, that opens and closes doors to another beginning. What happens in between the current door and new door is in God’s hands.

So this year is my final year, in Creative Direction for Fashion and I could not be more excited to finish my studies. I feel honestly so blessed and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything I have been through. I grew up with a single mother who met my amazing step-father, who both have fought their way for me and my family to be where we are. We are blessed to be a blessing. See a lot of people will misjudge you and think that you got finances, courage, strength and endurance over night. No, my secret is simple. I pray. 

#STYLETIPBYK: This is the perfect university outfit, saturday market or kids birthday outfit. It's a great mix of fashion and comfort. Style your denim dungaree's with a cute turtle-neck for that minimal casual chic look. Most importantly, make a bold statement by adding a bold accessory like a watch or bracelet or different coloured shoes or clutch bag.



Top (Polo Neck): ZARA

Dunagree: ASOS (now on sale here)

Watch: Juicy Couture (similar here)

Shoes : Saint Laurent (shop here)

Bag: Saint Laurent