Photographer: Maria Karpova

Nude! Nude! Nude... I decided to lift my head up and go nude and it's one of the best choices I've made. This is one of my favourite outfit posts on the blog to date. The first time I saw a similar turtleneck was on a staff member in Selfridges and I couldn't help but have one of my crazy fashion obsessions [covers eyes]. The woman was wearing a white one with black high-waisted tailored 3/4 trousers. She looked 'fabulousssss' like my friend always says! And that's when my inspiration kicked.

For those of you who already know that I love garments that are versatile and so this turtleneck was the perfect essential addition to my closet. You can wear this Missguided Nude roll neck top with trousers, high waisted skinnies or even a midi skirt like this one I wore. You can practically wear it with anything, anywhere.

I conquer the saying 'Less is more'. I love simplicity to it's best. I love textures, silhouettes and especially tones! I decided to play with different tones of nude - soft tone in the top and darker tone in bottom. So because I'm already playing with different tones, I kept my accessories to minimal extent. I also tucked my hair into the roll neck because it added a sexy yet elegant and high-fashion look. Besides it also extenuated the silhouette of the top. I always find it's the simple and effortless things that create a chic and elegant outfit.

 What was your favourite aspect of this outfit?







Top: Missguided (now on sale: here)

Skirt: Missguided (here)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Bag: Louis Vuitton 


Cuff - Louis Vuitton

Earring - Dior 

Gold Ring - MANGO

Diamond Ring - Charles Greig Jewellers Hyde Park