Images: Evelyn Lobelo

One of the best things about South Africa, is the weather! Seriously? I am sure you have heard this before but it's really true you know. When I was packing my bags to go home, I thought, 'what exactly am I going to take with me?'. I mean for those of you who know that Autumn can feel like a summer day back in South Africa. It was fabulous - I mean I was still able to enjoy 'Spring' in Autumn. You can really have the best of both worlds. 

I must say though, that I truly did miss home a lot this time round and I don’t know why. I suppose there was just so much to miss about home – other than the sun but the people, the interesting different fashion styles, the restaurants, the lifestyle. There’s so much to love about this place! Honestly, this is something I tell my friends on a daily basis.

So let’s speak about fashion for a moment. Now, what I realised is that fashion is something we see yet style is a form of expression we own. Style is our way of portraying an image to other’s about the things we like and sometimes the sort of people we are hang around or influenced by. Now, when I picked this outfit out the only thing I could think about what ‘pink’. I remember as a child that I used to be so girly and wear pink and cream-white so often and I miss those days. Besides, the sun allowed for a skirt and a cute jumper. I paired this cute jumper with a statement necklace, an oversized clutch bag and some cute chucky arm candy for the accessories. I love simplicity, so even though these pieces are very simple, they are also quiet versatile. I mean if you’re going for a dinner date just throw on some cute navy polka dot jeans, ballet pumps and an oversized clutch and voila!, you’ve dressed down. I think that my favorite aspect about this look is how feminine it looks and still looks minimal and sleek. I decided to do a sleek middle-parting and loose curls on the end to add to the feminine mood going on. It’s actually a cute spring/summer look. If you are someone who doesn’t really wear colour a lot or like sleek, minimal looks – I would suggest that a pop of colour in either your makeup (lipstick), accessories or even in a jumper would really add a fresh and bright spring feel.

I will not lie but Spring is defiantly my thing! As much as I love winter for the sexy boots and coats, I love spring for it’s feminine skirts and fun colour palettes. Before, it slips my mind… wishing everyone an amazing spring season ahead!

What is your favourite aspect about Spring fashion?



Jumper - Topshop SA

Skirt - Zara 

Heels - Christian Louboutin 

Bag - Christian Lacroix

Sunglasses - Céline

Cuff - Louis Vuitton 

Bracelet - Elegance Jewellers, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg