Photographer: Maria Karpova

Hair & Makeup: Charlotte PhillipsStyling Assistance: Silvia Gonzalez

KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON. It has been such a crazy month and hectic week but no one is complaining. I am very blessed to be able to be so busy working on my passion then not doing anything at all, right? Life can be extremely busy and sometimes we forget to appreciate many things we are blessed with. I can be honest with you, I have many days that I cannot believe how far I have come. Living in London has made me appreciate the city itself, the people and wonderful little things that come with it. Often, I’ll be in London and look up at the tall buildings, stop, breathe and smile because I cannot believe the amazing things God has created. It’s wonderful!

When I first started WILLKATE I wanted to show people how beautiful every city is through the eyes of fashion. Although, I must admit, being a fashion blogger is not the easiest but it’s still all worth it. The biggest lesson I have learnt is that, you should be confident in yourself. Trying to be like someone else doesn’t just make the situation difficult but you cannot be the best at being someone else. You can only truly be the best when you are yourself. Find the things you love about you and embrace it. Something’s you will want but sometimes those things are not meant for you. It’s like a red rose trying to be a white peony flower, not only are they two complete different flowers but they are both beautiful in different ways. The fact is that everyone in this world is beautiful so stop trying being like someone else and finding the things that make you different and unique from everyone else. Be true to yourself because that’s when your light shines the brightest!

My journey in the fashion industry thus far has been an incredible one and by grace, it’s only getting better from here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend London Fashion Week this season but soon I’ll be reporting back to everyone. The fashion spirit in London this past week has been insane, so many celebrities were here, either for the BAFTAS or LFW. I must admit I did love getting fashion inspiration from a diverse range of people and celebrities. It inspired me to do something different. This week, I teamed up with some dearest friends to create a clean, elegant, sophisticated look. Charlotte Philips did the hair and makeup, which synced right in with the look. We went for a very minimal look, sleek hair and simple yet bold makeup look. The thing I loved about the hair and makeup was that it’s so diverse, you can wear it with almost anything and everything from morning to night. My mother always taught me that simplicity and elegance conquers everything. I completely agree! The skirt and top, both were from Zara. I love this outfit so much, as mentioned before, this is an all seasons look. For winter throw on a minimal caramel long coat or some bold gold jewelry for summer/spring. Céline was the inspiration behind this look because of the flared out silhouette of the long sleeve top, as well as the rough almost viscose texture of the skirt. I am such a fan of rough yet smooth looking textures they literally rock my world. I am texture woman, even though I wear simple looks, if you go through my closet you will see different textures in every single garment. I find such joy in mixing textures in the same colour palette, it always ads an interesting aspect to the whole look. Silvia, my dearest friend assisted me in the styling for this shoot and wow, she did a wonderful job. I always think it’s always great to get a second opinion because you’ll notice something new and try something different. I couldn’t thank her enough for all fashion expertise in this collab. We have a very exciting project coming up soon (in the next few months) and I can’t wait for everyone to see.

Last but not least, I have never been so grateful for all the people I have worked with and everyone’s support. You are my driving mechanism and THANK YOU. Having so many supporters has not only made me work hard because it reassures me every single day of that nothing worth having comes easy. So I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me. Have a wonderful week ahead!

white willkate
white willkate