Location: London

Photographer: Maria Karpova

Shirtdresses are the perfect closet essential. Why? Well, the thing is clothes can be worn in different ways. A sweater could be worn as a top or a skirt. Just like a necklace can be worn as a bracelet. Catch my flow?

 So I decided to pick show you that instead of wearing a shirtdress as an ordinary dress, there is a way to dress it up. You can wear a button shirtdress, as a light cover up on top.

Here I decided to pair Taboka Mazura’s (UK Womenswear designer) khaki with my favourite white bodycon skirt and a simple dark grey top underneath (worn as a crop top). I like the fact the contrast of dark colours against the purity of the white skirt. So because I am a simple chic kinda woman, I added a little boldness through my makeup to tie the look together.

 My ultimate thing about certain clothing items is that you can wear them on any occasion; it all depends on how you style your look. If you’re always on the go you need versatile items. Have’nt you heard of the ladies that have a changing closet in the rear of the car. This shirtdress does the job. In the morning, wearing a midi bodycon skirt, with a top underneath, button up a few buttons to give the look a sophisticated edge and a pair of classy heels. The clock hits 5pm and you’re off for a dinner date; crop that top underneath and unbutton the shirt for a more casual chic look; add some bold earrings for a effortless chic statement.

 Still catch my flow? Bottom line – you can wear a shirtdress in multiple ways you just have to be creative.

#STYLETIP: Pair a crop top and bodycon skirt with the shirtdress on top for an ultimate effortless chic look.


Top: Uniqlo 

Shirtdress: Taboka Mazura

Skirt: ZARA (old collection) 

Heels: Christian Louboutin

Bag: Louis Vuitton