Location: LONDON

Photographer: Maria Karpova

Head over heels or head vs heels? lol by this I meant that every time I wear high heels for a long time, I think did I really use my head by making this decision. They beauty is pain but is it really? well, does it have to be? 

When I styled this outfit, I thought I have not worn flats on the blog ever. So wearing flats shooting this outfit felt a bit uncomfortable even though that almost everyday I am practically in flats rather than heels.

Anyway, so Alexander and H&M? BEST Collaboration by far, right? Not only that his one of my favourite designers, but I think that he is definitely someone that every man or woman appreciates. His minimal yet very detailed sense of design is a brand that appeals to all ages, race, gender, culture - everything! When I went to the launch of AW and HM, the mens collection sold out in 15 minutes! 15 MINUTES!! and we thought men never shopped... pssssht. 

The thing I really like about about design is that, when we wear something. We have to be able to wear it in different ways. I believe in clothing that is multi-functional. I decided to pair this wang crop with some ripped jeans and a leather top underneath. It is cold in London at the moment so I wanted to keep warm whilst keeping the crop as the focus. The thing I love about crop tops is that it doesn't have to be worn as a crop top, it could be worn in solo many different ways. You could wear a crop with a high-waisted skirt, straight 3/4 trousers, with skinny jeans, to name a few, seems like a lot. 

On a casual sporty day I would wear trainers but on a sporty casual day out for lunch I would wear heels to give the outfit more of a 'sport-luxe'  statement.

#STYLE: Which did outfit did you prefer, the sneakers or the heels? 



Top: Alexander Wang x H&M

Leather Top and Jeans: ZARA

Heels and Sunglasses: Céline

Sneakers: Nike Air Max