Photographer: Idris Abdulkareem

Hello Fashion Friends! 

Hope you have all been well. So we're approaching the new month - November meaning just a month away from Christmas! Yes yes, I know the decorations are everywhere and it's unbelievable on how quick this year went. I can honestly say it's been a year of learning. So I'll be heading to a soup kitchen for the first time here in London and I'm quiet excited. I think there are loads of people out there need loads of loving during this time, so I'm giving what I value most - my time and dedication to someone. I hope that you in some way are motivated to give back and help those in need during this time.

Other than that, let's talk about fashion! So I really have been obsessed about wearing nude for a long time and only recently did I discover them amongst a few of my favourite stores. I always say this but I love a closet that has the most basic colours that can be worn in different ways. I appreciate creativity and that come out through a handful of clothing, you just need to experiment. Colours such as, blacks, whites, nudes and greys are all seasonal colours! Meaning more focus of shoes! YAY! I love to accessorise in a good shoe or handbag or even jewellery. Here, this is what I did. I wore all nude with a dash of a silver lining and some hot pink! Rare - but the pink added a feminine touch. 

#STYLE TIP: Invest in good shoes and good bags, and go nude in confidence! 

What makes piece of clothing makes the best statement for you, in a simple-chic outfit? 



Top: COS stoes (nude) / Uniqlo (grey)

Pants: Zara (old collection) 

Earrings: Dior 

Rings: Swarovski (left)

Bag: Prada

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik