Photographer: Maria Karpova


  1. easily bored 
  2. risk takers 
  3. colour outside the lines 
  4. think with their hearts 
  5. make lots of mistakes
  6. hate the rules
  7. work independently 
  8. change their mind a lot 
  9. have a reputation for eccentricity 
  10. dream big

So when I saw this on twitter the other day, I literally ticked all the boxes. I think that being creative is something is such a challenging yet very interactive and fun thing that no-one will quiet understand except for people like you. I've made soooo many mistakes in life, that when I speak to some of my mates they all like, ohhh 'I've done something like that' or 'oh that's happened to me!'. It's such a relief to know that no one is perfect and in fact we all kind of make the same mistakes sometime during our life. However, the amazing thing about making mistakes is that sometimes mistakes turn out to be alright because not only does it build you but we learn something new. Life's a trial and error, and those who are creative will understand that in time in a creative process of developing an idea, it's ALWAYS trial and error. Styling, is trial and error. Being a stylist is fun but challenging too such as, how do you make completely something new but still sticking to your values and beliefs? How do you make your client happy but still draw the line when you really need to? See trial and error. 

The first time, I worked with Taboka as a stylist for her design, she, as well as the photographer, briefed me on what she wanted to get across visually and it was my job to create it. Even though, I came prepared, it's always a challenge to be creative on the spot but I think this is so beautiful because it's fun. One thing, I love to do is think quick creatively and some of my best ideas come through this. When I styled the model for the shoot, how I wanted the outfit to look on her was a complete different way to how I personally would wear it. Yet, this is the beauty of style. It's so personal - fashion is what we create and see but style... style belongs to you. I was very happy with the outcome for both how I styled her clothing elegantly in different ways for two complete different women. That's the thing, you need to know what suits you or have one outfit and no how to wear it in soooo many different ways. 

This coat, was made by Taboka Mazura - a wonderful womenswear UK designer. Her collection is so sleek, minimal and elegant. Meaning that any women who wear her items will know the comfort and luxury of fabric but also appreciate elegant and minimal garments that can be worn in different ways. I felt her clothing gives a sense of woman power and confidence in a very sexy yet professional and classy way. This coat could be worn at the office, during a casual day with sneakers or even to dinner with a tight fitting dress underneath. Style is diverse - you just need to make it stylish in your OWN way. 


#STYLE TIP: Wear this coat with simple items underneath so that the beauty of the coat sticks out. Minimal is always elegant. 




Top: ZARA (full turtle neck worn as a crop top)

Coat: Taboka Mazura  

Pants: ZARA 

Heels: Céline

Handbag: Louis Vuitton