Images by Niyas Ibrahim

FAR AWAY ISLAND! After a hectic past few months it was finally time to go home to South Africa and be with family around the festive season. I had such an amazing time over the Christmas period yet, still couldn't wait for our beach-filled holiday in the Maldives. I have never been so excited. We travelled two days straight, starting in Johannesburg, then Dubai, Colombo, Male and then finally to a small beautiful island resort called Kihaad. When we were arrived at about 01:00 in the morning, we were still welcomed wonderfully by the guest relation manager and the friendly staff, who offered drinks on arrival. WOW! What dedicated and luxury service, right? I mean even though, it was early in the morning we were welcomed in open hands. After, a great night's sleep and an amazing hot bath in our beautiful indoor/outdoor bathroom, we couldn't help but explore the island the following day.

Even though, its a small island resort there were so many things to do throughout the day and as much as I love dressing up, I still love to get my hands and feet a little dirty, you can call me the 'adventurous' kind of lady. Jet ski's, fun tubes, scuba diving are just a few fun-filled excursions on the island to keep you busy. However, if you are not the adventurous type and enjoy taking care of yourself you can treat yourself to K-Spa after an intense session at the Kihaad gym facilities. There is a place for everyone in Kihaad. I had such an incredible time and was still able to dress up and could let my feet loose in the beach sand for a week, we call them 'happy feet'.

If you think you have seen white beaches and clear seawater, you have not seen anything until you've been to Maldives. I could not believe how white the sand was and how clear the water was. I mean, I could see all the little fish just by a blink of an eye. It really makes you appreciate nature a little more. The island has a great balance between luxury treatment and admiring beautiful nature. All tree-huggers are welcome because there are more than enough palm trees to add to the tropical mood. It's something you have to experience yourself. Okay, clearly you can see a had an amazing time but there's still more to see, so be sure to keep updated and explore more of this beautiful getaway on WILLKATE.

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