Images by Niyas Ibrahim

SOMETHING SPECIAL! Everyone asks me, 'How was the Maldives?' and I can’t help but think it was something special. It’s one of those far away places that you can forever go back to because all that remains are the memories and pictures. When we were arrived at Kihaad resort they welcomed us from the moment we step foot into Maldives International Airport, so you can only imagine how luxury the service was, their service kind of makes you feel like a celebrity and that’s what people want to feel, value for their money. Holidays can cost loads of money and you will only truly feel like it was worth the time and money when you receive your valuable service and that something that I can applaud them on. Every night there was some sort of entertainment happening, including a fashion show and what’s holiday without some sort of fashion, right? The even better thing is that every night we had the opportunity to bring out beautiful dresses for dinner. I also loved not wearing shoes for a very long time, and giving my toes a break from shoes. Especially walking on the beach, with a great pair of shorts, a light top and we’re ready to start the day.

We were so blessed to have spent our New Years Eve in the Maldives. During, the countdown we had so much fun at the beach party, filled with romantic fireworks, endless dance floor jams and some champagne for celebrations. Seeing the fireworks was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Yes, I’ve seen fireworks but standing on the beach with people I love and watching the beautiful sparkles in the sky made me realize that not only am I blessed but also, I felt ‘something special’ in heart telling me that 2014 is going to be a good year. I believe that, I believe that it will be a great year. I had such a good holiday and great way to end the year in amazing company. The greatest thing was starting the year off with a massage at K-Spa, Kihaad’s only spa. I was able to relax and treat myself to deep tissue massage and facial. The saying ‘I need a holiday from holiday’ had no room in my explanations for my holiday. I decided to leave all that behind in the spa and honey, did I feel refreshed.

If you had to ask me what my best aspect was about my vacation in Maldives, I would definitely say, visiting the local village on an excursion. It made me realize how blessed we are and by saying ‘we’ I mean as a country, South Africa or as a city like London. On a daily, we see so many people, we can meet a friend at restaurant with thousands of choices at hand, and we meet new people every single day and have the choice to many universities. Where is this going, right? Now imagine living on an island with less than three hundred people living there, one school, one small bar/restaurant and few shops all selling souvenirs like shells or basic t-shirts. It made me realize that we have to look beyond ourselves and appreciate people from all walks of life. Even though a country might be physically beautiful, the living reality can sometimes never add to be the same. That’s something I love about travelling is experiencing the culture too, and I can definitely say that Maldives is a place I appreciate and adore. Now, if you ask me what is one thing I loved about Kihaad Resort, it would definitely be the workers and amazing service. I made so many friends in such a short space of time and not many resorts you have the ability to do that.It’s defiantly a place I would visit again.

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