Photographer: Rachel Dunlop

FAST CARS & RED LIPS! London is one of the cities with the most sexiest sport cars. You see them everywhere! and I could not resist but to get into the biker/ racer inspired look. I love cars and I love leather so, cars and leather? Yes please! I'm a woman who loves to feel feminine, sexy yet still classy and a brand I like does the sexy-androgynous woman really well is SAINT LAURENT. The brand knows how to work their leather and black in a classy and elegant way, that's why it's still one of my favourite brands to date. I think that no matter what you wear, its always important to have a style that is consistently shown across all your outfits. It could be an accessory, a style, or a simple beauty look. This is a way to personalize a look just by stamping it with your own style trademark. My style trademark is not just one thing but a few, but these are things that make me 'Kamo'. My style trademark in fashion would be, simple jewelry and sleek, simple and elegant looks. My beauty trademark, are my eyebrows, EVERYBODY knows me for my brows! So my trademarks go hand in hand, because my makeup can be dramatic at times, I love to tie it down in my styling. 

In this look, I wore all black with some silver metal detailing in my accessories. I thought this is the best way to incorporate the 'hard-masculine' details in a feminine way. I have had these shoes and bag for a while yet I hardly used them. The thing I loved most about the heel was that it was not too high, which means you are still able to wear them all day without sore feet. Best of both worlds? 

If you looking for some sexy feminine androgynous inpiration, have look at the WILLKATE Studio lookbook for a photoshoot called UNISEXY. This shoot was inspired by masculine pieces worn in a feminine way. How would you wear masculine pieces and what are some of your favourite 'masculine' pieces to wear?



Jacket - Morgan SA

Top - Zara

Shoes - Prada (Old collection)

Bag - Prada (Old Collection)