Location: LONDON
Photographer: Maria Karpova

CHRISTMAS! Just a few days away from Christmas and I am so excited. After experiencing the pre-Christmas experience in London at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London I was even more excited. I have never experienced such a festive event, with loads of stalls selling different things from candy canes to jewellry, you can definately say that it's a combination we all need - sweet, spice and all things nice! One thing, I 've also never experienced is a cold Christmas, so when Maria Karpova and I shot this outfit I was so excited to be shooting in a Christmas festive mood, in a chic oversized 'Christmas' jumper poncho - what a combination, right? I think that Jumpers during Christmas can get kind of 'cheezy' but when I saw this poncho which knocked the lil' jumper out the door. The detailing on each sleeve adds a little more statment and the white shirt underneath, added a classy touch to the final outfit. Who said you can't look cute in a jumper? The knitwear that I'm in love with this seasons are brands such as, MARC BY MARC JACOBS for their beautifully textured knitwear jumpers, THEORY's oversized turtle neck jumper or ALEXANDER MCQUEEN for a little structured knit cardi. These brands are just a few to mention but it all depends on what your style is but I think it's great to go for knitwear that isn't your typical style. 

Other than christmas jumpers, Christmas can be a little stressful with all the gift shopping. Full malls, busy assistants, no stock, hectic traffic - Am I preaching to the choir? So the easiest way to gift shopping is doing it online, call me lazy, but sometimes its best to beat the craziness during the festive season. Besides a little online shopping can control your big spending, right? I mean I'm sure we want everything in Harrods for Christmas! 

WILLKATE is wishing you an amazing Christmas. We hope the day is filled with loads of love and loads of Chanel bags. Travel Safe if you globe trotting. MERRY CHRISTMAS loves!



JUMPER: ZARA (old collection)