Images by Evelyn Lobelo

SUN & THE CITY! It feels so good to be back home, in the city of gold, Johannesburg, South Africa. This whole year I've been in cold weather - can you believe it? During the Summer, in London I went back home for the vacation and when I arrived in Johannesburg, it was winter. Even though, it is not as cold as the winter in the United Kingdom, it still sucked to be in the cold for a while. Anyway, enough of the 'blues', December in South Africa is the time when the sunnies, skirts and dresses come out. I love being in the sun but for someone who doesn't enjoy getting very dark the sun, Johannesburg can get very intense and extremely hot. However, it's another excuse for trying out different sunnies and not to mention one of my favourite sunglass brand at the moment, is Tom Ford (wink, hint!) but Ray Ban's are like the perfect 'LBD'. They are type of sunglasses that you deserves to be in the sun, on the beach or even a quick stroll in the city. 

During, the second week of being at home it was time to get out and Johannesburg has a variety of beautiful shopping malls, yet Sandton City Mall still manages to be my favourite mall to date in South Africa and of course, Louis Vuitton being my favourite store there. After, the mall was extended there are much more stores, a lot more light coming into the mall from the new glass ceilings and a lot more resturants and hotels. It's almost a home away from home! Despite, the malls, it is really good to be back home during the festive season and be with family and friends. Even though, many people go away for vacation during December, I think it's a lot more peaceful in coffee and book shops, gives you some peace of mind. That's one thing I like about Johanneesburg is that even though, it is a city you can always kind of escape from the craziness in the city because almost everyone goes away for the festive season. When a friend and I were in the North side of Johanneburg for the day, running errunds, it was really nice driving home and not be stuck in two hours of traffic. PHEW! So if you looking for a holiday in the city but don't want as much craziness and more sight seeing and intercultural activities then Johannesburg, is your place. A nights sleep at the Da Vinci in Sandton City, will give enough luxurious sleep for you to start your day in the heart and soul of the North of Johannesburg CBD, with almost everything at your doorstep or less than 30 minute drive from markets, downtown chic cafés and vibrant clubs. I love my city, but I do think it can get a little too quiet in December after a while, so by God's grace we will be setting off to a secret vacation this festive holiay, Can you guess where? 

What is your perfect festive destination? 




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